Smile #226 – Say Yes to DIY #2

Instead of going to the movies, we spent Saturday night in to work on another wedding project.  This time Bubble is getting his hands dirty..literally.

Photobooths have become a party essential.  What is a party without one?  It is a fun way to set the tone for the event.  Plus it would be great for those Instagram pics!  (At the time of writing, Instagram is my favorite social media.)


This idea was inspired by a PopSugar article on creative wedding backdrops.  The bright colored backdrop would be a great photo backdrop.  We can even customize it with our wedding colors. Let’s test drive this idea!


  • Whiteboard
  • Painter’s Tape (1/2 in)
  • Paint (Tan, Wine, Blush, Navy Blue and White)
  • Paint brushes

There is no strict guidelines to this project, in fact, the only limitation is the size of the board.  Why not let Bubble have some fun with this one.  He can add his touches to the wedding decor.  With these supplies, it was up to him to design the board.  At first, he was slightly hesitant.  Afterall  arts and crafts is not exactly his strong suit.  But after showing him the sample picture, Bubble’s creative side kicked off.  He started taping and creating different shapes.  Soon, I was shut from offering any inputs.  This is his project now.

Three hours later, the final coat of paint has dried and his fingers are covered in paint.  The backdrop is finished!  I am very impressed with the final product!  Bubble did a great job with designing and painting.  The shapes are unique and the color are vibrant.

Bubble was surprise at how fun this project has turned out.  His words and I quote, ‘I never knew arts and crafts can be so fun.’  He is so impressed with his handy dandy work.  🙂

Our Saturday night was well spent. 🙂  Now that the trial is done, let’s work on the real thing!


Smile #225 – Say Yes to DIY #1

Blame it on Pinterest!  One of the things that was most appealing about planning a wedding is DIY wedding projects.  DIY touches are a great way to make the wedding more personable.  Even though the process can be time consuming, the results can be quite rewarding!

I definitely didn’t want to overcommit myself.  I left the bigger projects for the professional.  (Hello, Etsy!)  As for the smaller projects, I figured I’d give it a try. 🙂


There are thousands of pins and hundreds of listings for Mr and Mrs Signs.  I wanted one that incorporated our wedding colors.


  • Birch wood
  • Paint (Black, French Wine, Blush)
  • Paint Brush

To start, I painted the board completed in black.  Then I used a pencil to trace out the word – Mr and Mrs and carefully painted the words with a blush color.  Trust me I made plenty of mistakes.  But nothing a little black paint can’t fix.  To give a romantic touch, I added a heart in the french wine color.  Volia!  Just need to add some ribbons and they are ready to go!

2016-07-31 16.05.58.jpg

Smile #220 – Say Yes to Wedding Favors

Now that we have selected our wedding theme, let’s get started on the rest of the planning!  🙂  Ideas are all twirling in my head.  Should we do this or that?  How about this and how about that?  Well, one thing I could narrow down is luggage tags.  It serves as name tags and guest favors.  Killing two birds with one stone!  Boo yah!

I scouted the internet for leather luggage tags.  Some vendors were priced out of our budget, some didn’t offer the color section, some didn’t offer personalization.  Finally I turned to the questionable, yet resourceful Alibaba Express to find these luggage tags.  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too sure about this transaction.  There is a lot of mixed reviews on this site.  But the vendor on Alibaba has a lot and I mean A LOT of options.  From the shape of the luggage tag to the measurement to color selection, she offered it all!  We could customize it however we’d like.  I mean…sometimes you just gotta give a little trust!

2016-06-30 23.59.27.jpg

Despite my many many questions, she always answered my message promptly and courteously.  She even shared photos of previous samples for reference.

We changed our minds at least twice before selecting #6, a light pastel blush color instead.  We sent over the wedding logo design and she started working on the sample.  A week later, she shared with us a sample luggage tag.  The tag looks great…except one thing.  The tag looked a whole lot pink-er than we had expected.

2016-07-12 09.52.41.jpg

Back to the drawing board, we reviewed the color options again.  This time we selected a much more neutral color.

I had a lot of fun designing this tag from the logo to the color to the shape and now it is in our procession.  The finished product looks exactly how we wanted it.  🙂   Thank you so much, L for your patience with us!


Smile #218 – Us the Duo

Through their Vine’s six second video clip of top hit covers, Us the Duo has amassed millions of followers across the globe.  They have toured with Oprah and Pentatonix and have performed live on Good Morning America.  For the first time, the talented and adorable duo, Michael and Carissa Alvarado, are headlining their own solo tour.  They are traveling around the nation.

Bubble has been a fan since those good ol’ Legends’ concert nights.  It has been years since we went to Michael’s concert at App.  We were excited to see they will be stopping in Charlotte.  I have been binging on their music on Spotify.

Before the doors were open, eagered fans already lined up outside of The Underground.  A room of 600 people stood waiting patiently for the night of music to begin.  Bubble and I were surprised at how intimate the venue was.  It was a nice sized room with seating on one side for VIP.  We found a spot with a clear view of the stage, even for fun sized people, aka me.

The night opened with songwriter and singer, Hailey Knox.  She began her music career on YouTube with unique acoustic covers of pop songs.  This is her second tour, first one with Charlie Puth last fall and now with Us the Duo.  She sang songs from her newest EP – Awkward.  Her songs are catchy and lyrics are relatable.

She came down to meet the guest after her performance.

Next up, Us the Duo.  The crowd roared in excitement.  The duo began with their  2014 pop song medley.  The pair wanted to show the audience, “where it all started.”  They used to jam in their living room.  What better way of bringing fans together than showing them their actual living room sofa and a standing lamp.

Carissa’s vocal and Michael’s multi-instrumental play, they were unstoppable.  They sang songs from their older collection and their latest Public EP.  In between their original songs, they also played covered of Sway and Build Their Me Up Buttercup.  Their acapella rendition of Meghan Trainor and John Legend’s hit song Like I’m Gonna Lose You capture complete attention from the room.

In between songs, they joked and teased.  Their love was contagious.   They set up a Q&A session where fans can ask any questions.  One fan asked for love advice.  Carissa joked to put toilet paper roll back in the roll instead of leaving it on top.


The night ended with their wedding vows song – No Matter Where You Are.  Of course, the audience wouldn’t let them leave that easily.  All the chanting brought them back on stage for one last song – Medley of 2016.

Bubble and I both enjoyed the concert.  Carissa and Michael’s performance definitely satisfied every expectation.

Smile #217 – Paris for One

With only so many hours in a day, it is hard to allocate a time to sit and read.  Ding, ding, ding, audiobooks is here for the rescue!   Audiobooks is the perfect companion on the way and back from work.

Ever since I listened to One Plus One by Jojo Moyes, I am addicted to her books.  She is the author of the popular title and now a motion picture, Me Before You.  She has also penned so many other great novels.   Her latest is Paris for One and Other Stories.  I have been on the waiting list at the library for a few weeks.  I was excited to pop the CD in my car.


Without spoiling any details, Paris for One is about Nell, a 26 years old, who has never been to Paris.  She’s never been on a romantic weekend away to anywhere before.  Nell was left alone in Paris when her boyfriend ditched her for their romantic getaway.  Under the unfortunate circumstances, she discovered more about herself and a whole lot more.

This story is charming and sweet.  Moyes managed to developed each character is just a few chapters.  I was immersed in the storyline.  While it is predictable at times, you can’t help but go through the entire emotional roller coaster with Nell.

It brought back the time when my friends and I took a cross-Europe road trip upon the completion of our study abroad.  One of the stops was Paris.  Given we were there for New Years, the city was absolutely chaotics.  Despite the crowded streets, the city still relay a romantic vibe.  As unrealistics as the story is (or isn’t), a weekend in Paris is always a good choice.