Smile #260 – Say Yes to the Dress

Now that the wedding is slowly coming together, my next focus is finding a wedding dress. It would be kinda important to be appropriately dressed on the most important day of my life.

We (Mom, I Do Crew and I) took a total of 4 trips to 3 different salons: David’s Bridal – the quintessential wedding shop; Mecklenburg Bridal Gallery – closing sale; Jillian’s Bridal Outlet – all gowns under $699.  Thank you ladies for sitting through hours of me trying on dresses and fluffing each dress a few dozen times!

As a result to the much evolved fashion world, the once-upon-a-time Queen Victoria’s white wedding gown has spun into all sort of new styles.  Tip to future brides, brush up on some of these dress silhouette terms before going in will avoid those deer-in-the-headlights look.  Good thing the ladies knew and helped pointing me to the right way.

My only criteria is …. I need to see my feet.  The idea of not being able to move freely throughout the night is a nightmare.  I mean I don’t plan on running a mile in the dress, but at the minimum I would like to walk down the aisle without reenacting any of the Lizzie McGuire’s tripping scenes.


I tried on at least 30 dresses with different styles and different cuttings.  Before this, I thought I could find me dream dress in one trip.  Oh no no no, there is so much to consider.  Some were too poofy, some were too tight.  Some were just horrendous!  See for yourself!

Left: The thin satin fabric felt like I was wearing lingerie in public…
Middle:  The old style lace reminded me of dry skin…slowly peeling off…
Right:  Forget wedding cake…I am THE wedding cake. See my layers?

All jokes aside, some dresses did look pretty decent.  Never underestimate the power of a cutting.  Some gave the illusion that I have hips-don’t-lie and others gave the illusion that I am not the captain of the itty-bitty-tiny committee.

The story to my final YES to a dress was a bit complex…

I said YES the first time to a beautiful ivory James Clifford gown with detailed lace back. It looked beautiful, especially from the back with the train laid out perfectly.  As I stood in the room, everyone awed and gave their stamp of approval.  I’ll insert a photo after the wedding.

Due to some unforeseen issue, we ended up exchanging it for another gown.  Making the decision the second time around was not any easier.  The shop added so many more gowns.  At least with so many trial and error, we did learn which style looked best on me.

The decision always came down to two gowns.  Do I want to the dreamy tulle look or the elegant satin look?  Both gowns looked gorgeous.  If only I can have both!   I stood in the mirror staring at each gown.

After comparing and comparing it again, I finally made a decision!  I said YES TO THE DRESS!  🙂   I feel like a princess in it and can’t stop staring at the little details.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Now we are ready to get married!



Say Yes to 100 Days




Today marks the 100 days until our wedding!

2017-05-28 00.13.46.jpg

In exactly 100 days, Bubble and I will be standing at the altar with our closest friends and family gather together.  We will watch all our planning come to life!

We.  Can’t.  Wait!  

Happy to report, most of our projects have been finalized.  We have accumulated so much decorations.  Gladly take any storage boxes or cardboard boxes if you have them!

The focus for the next 25 days are:

  • Send out invitations – Maybe I’ll share a sneak peek of the final version
  • Finalize all DIY projects
  • Bachelorette Mystery Trip
  • Engagement Photoshoot

Stay tuned!

Smile #250 – Say Yes to DIY Party

Let me preface this post by stating I love DIYs.  I can spend hours transforming an ordinary piece of printer paper into a beautiful swan or finding new purpose for regular household items.  This creative outlet breaks up the monotony of ‘adulting’ life.  Plus the sense of accomplishment I feel when the final product completes is priceless.

Over the course of wedding planning, I have pinned too many ideas to incorporate in our wedding.  Little by little, my DIY project list grew and grew.  There are just so many unique ideas out there and one wedding is not enough to have it all!  Jk Jk!

Why keep the fun to myself when I can get all the I Do Crew to join in!  Calling all the ladies!

The ladies gathered around on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  The house was divided into different work stations based on the craft medium – paper, paint and spray paint.  Lil Sis spent most of the day out at the spray paint station.  EC focused her time at the paint station.  JB joined later at the paper table.  I am basically the busboy, running in and out getting all the supplies for everyone.  I was getting my steps in for the day.

Thanks to these ladies, my giant list of DIYs crossed off one by one.  They are the greatest helpers!


To avoid giving away all the surprises, no finished product photos will be posted until after the wedding.  But everything turned out perfectly.  It is so exciting to see my vision slowly comes to life!

To add on to the fun, EC surprised us with a touch of her own.  She bought a Pig Cake to the party.  It was decorate with the Chinese characters meaning goodbye single life.   Only my best friend could ever think of this.  Our pig feud will never ends!




Smile #245 – Say Yes to Cake Tasting

Agree or disagree, cake is THE reason why people come to weddings.  It is the focal point of the wedding, aside from the bride, of course.  (Sorry not sorry, grooms)  Cake cutting is a classic wedding moment, up there with the first kiss and first dance.

What could be better than sitting down with a cake consultant and sample different cake flavors.  It is basically a dream comes true.  Bubble can attest to that.

Let’s pig out!

This past weekend, Bubble and I scheduled a cake consultation and tasting at Publix Bakery.  Publix offers an incredible number of flavors and varieties.

We can customize any type of cake with any type of icing and any fillings.  The combination is endless!  We asked to sample three flavors – Marble with a raspberry filling and buttercream icing, vanilla cake with lemon icing and buttercream icing, and red velvet cake with cream cheese filling and cream cheese icing.

Wow oh wow, we had not expect them to actually bake us a cake of each flavor.  We thought it would be a slice or small bite size.  Oh no no no, it was a full 8in cake.  And Publix accidentally made an extra cake.  This one is red velvet with raspberry fillings and cream cheese icing.  Our pants are getting tighter as we speak.

Our consultant, Laura, served us a slice of each cake.  Bubble thought the red velvet was very smooth.  I liked the tartness from the lemon icing.  After sampling all the flavors, Bubble and I both agreed marble with a raspberry filling and buttercream icing is the best.  The frosting was not overwhelmingly sweet and it complemented the marble well.  Plus the chocolate and vanilla twirl looked gorgeous on the plate.


We flipped through Publix’s catalogue of cakes.  All the cakes look way too pretty to consume.  Laura explained the cake can be decorated to match our wedding colors and we can also bring in designs from Pinterest.

When we started to discuss the cost, to our surprise, wedding cake doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Well, at least at Publix.  I had read that wedding cake can cost some serious dough.  Publix’s cakes are fairly priced.  As a way of cutting down cost, Laura suggested the option of having a nice cake for photo purpose and supplement with a sheet cake.

Overall, this was a tasty learning experience.  We get to eat and learn about cakes.  It can’t get better than that.  We thank Laura for her time and she helped packed up all four cakes.  We have a quite a bit of designing to do, but the imminent task is …how to get rid of all these cakes!

Smile #240 – Say Yes to the DJ

We have been putting off finding a DJ, the very last necessary vendor to complete our wedding pros team.  There is such high pressure on finding the right vendor.  Depending on the DJ, our guests will either be on the dance floor all night or our wedding would go down as the worst wedding of the year.

Phew!  Thanks to Weddingwire, The Knot and Thumbstack, the search went pretty smoothly.  It went so well that we have more candidates than we could hire.  Poor Bubble, he spent hours after work interviewing each one.

After some serious thoughts, and I mean serious thoughts, we came to the decision of hiring Mr. DJ Bones!

DJ Bones was very friendly on the phone and in person.  His package offered everything plus more than we wanted.  His years of experience rest assured us that he will be doing a grand job at our wedding.  All we hope now is people are ready to danceeeee!  🙂