Smile #260 – Say Yes to the Dress

Now that the wedding is slowly coming together, my next focus is finding a wedding dress. It would be kinda important to be appropriately dressed on the most important day of my life.

We (Mom, I Do Crew and I) took a total of 4 trips to 3 different salons: David’s Bridal – the quintessential wedding shop; Mecklenburg Bridal Gallery – closing sale; Jillian’s Bridal Outlet – all gowns under $699.  Thank you ladies for sitting through hours of me trying on dresses and fluffing each dress a few dozen times!

As a result to the much evolved fashion world, the once-upon-a-time Queen Victoria’s white wedding gown has spun into all sort of new styles.  Tip to future brides, brush up on some of these dress silhouette terms before going in will avoid those deer-in-the-headlights look.  Good thing the ladies knew and helped pointing me to the right way.

My only criteria is …. I need to see my feet.  The idea of not being able to move freely throughout the night is a nightmare.  I mean I don’t plan on running a mile in the dress, but at the minimum I would like to walk down the aisle without reenacting any of the Lizzie McGuire’s tripping scenes.


I tried on at least 30 dresses with different styles and different cuttings.  Before this, I thought I could find me dream dress in one trip.  Oh no no no, there is so much to consider.  Some were too poofy, some were too tight.  Some were just horrendous!  See for yourself!

Left: The thin satin fabric felt like I was wearing lingerie in public…
Middle:  The old style lace reminded me of dry skin…slowly peeling off…
Right:  Forget wedding cake…I am THE wedding cake. See my layers?

All jokes aside, some dresses did look pretty decent.  Never underestimate the power of a cutting.  Some gave the illusion that I have hips-don’t-lie and others gave the illusion that I am not the captain of the itty-bitty-tiny committee.

The story to my final YES to a dress was a bit complex…

I said YES the first time to a beautiful ivory James Clifford gown with detailed lace back. It looked beautiful, especially from the back with the train laid out perfectly.  As I stood in the room, everyone awed and gave their stamp of approval.  I’ll insert a photo after the wedding.

Due to some unforeseen issue, we ended up exchanging it for another gown.  Making the decision the second time around was not any easier.  The shop added so many more gowns.  At least with so many trial and error, we did learn which style looked best on me.

The decision always came down to two gowns.  Do I want to the dreamy tulle look or the elegant satin look?  Both gowns looked gorgeous.  If only I can have both!   I stood in the mirror staring at each gown.

After comparing and comparing it again, I finally made a decision!  I said YES TO THE DRESS!  🙂   I feel like a princess in it and can’t stop staring at the little details.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Now we are ready to get married!




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