Smile #220 – Say Yes to Wedding Favors

Now that we have selected our wedding theme, let’s get started on the rest of the planning!  🙂  Ideas are all twirling in my head.  Should we do this or that?  How about this and how about that?  Well, one thing I could narrow down is luggage tags.  It serves as name tags and guest favors.  Killing two birds with one stone!  Boo yah!

I scouted the internet for leather luggage tags.  Some vendors were priced out of our budget, some didn’t offer the color section, some didn’t offer personalization.  Finally I turned to the questionable, yet resourceful Alibaba Express to find these luggage tags.  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too sure about this transaction.  There is a lot of mixed reviews on this site.  But the vendor on Alibaba has a lot and I mean A LOT of options.  From the shape of the luggage tag to the measurement to color selection, she offered it all!  We could customize it however we’d like.  I mean…sometimes you just gotta give a little trust!

2016-06-30 23.59.27.jpg

Despite my many many questions, she always answered my message promptly and courteously.  She even shared photos of previous samples for reference.

We changed our minds at least twice before selecting #6, a light pastel blush color instead.  We sent over the wedding logo design and she started working on the sample.  A week later, she shared with us a sample luggage tag.  The tag looks great…except one thing.  The tag looked a whole lot pink-er than we had expected.

2016-07-12 09.52.41.jpg

Back to the drawing board, we reviewed the color options again.  This time we selected a much more neutral color.

I had a lot of fun designing this tag from the logo to the color to the shape and now it is in our procession.  The finished product looks exactly how we wanted it.  🙂   Thank you so much, L for your patience with us!



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