Smile #215 – Say Yes to the Photographer(s)

We get one shot at our wedding.  There is no second take.  Therefore I want the very best our budget can afford to capture every moment of our wedding.

One photographer for 8 hours or two photographers for 7 hours?  Fine art photography or photojournalistic?  Natural or dramatic?  I reviewed so many wedding photographer’s portfolios, evaluated every package offerings and examined each photos on their site.  Each photographer’s style is different and depending on the angle used the photo expresses a different vibe.

Searching for the perfect photographer became a bit of an obsession.  After gathering a quote from everyone, I created a spreadsheet listing what each package entails and jogged down notes on each collections.  Perhaps it’s the lighting, perhaps it’s the editing or perhaps it is simply out of our price range.  This process helped filter and eliminate a number of photographers from our list.

Aside from a beautiful portfolio, we also wanted to make sure we meshed well with the photographers.  After all, we will be spending all day with them!  We conducted a phone interview or in person meeting with each one.

But one particular pair absolutely shined through.  We are excited to be working with Rob & Kristen Photography!


The husband and wife duo have a beautiful portfolio.  They shared with us a few collections and we loved every one of them!  They know how to get the shot and how to take advantage of every circumstance throughout the day to deliver the best result.  Plus their sweet and laidback personality made us feel comfortable and relaxed.  We can’t wait to take our engagement shoot and spend our wedding day with them!  🙂



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