Smile #211 – 6 Months and Counting

We are down to the 6 months mark!  My usual response to ‘when is the wedding or how is the wedding planning’ is no longer ‘Ohh, don’t worry, it is far from now’.  Time is ticking and we need to get down and dirty to finish planning.


At the moment, pressure is not too intense.  I have signed us up for quite a few DIY projects.  I have been gradually completing them while binging on the Netflix.  The ones left all have a rough draft.  I have assembled the ladies to come and help crank it all out.  I have a goal of finishing all the details by July so we can enjoy our remaining time being engaged.

What I truly need to work on is a beauty and fitness plan.  I also need to narrowing down on all wedding accessories.  Did you know a veil is the same cost of your first born?!  Jk, but it is shocking to how a veil that costs hundreds and up to thousands.  And only wear it for 30 minutes.  Don’t even get me started on head pieces.  The wedding industry is definitely a well flourish one!

Let’s ask the groom how he is feeling right now.


Initial thought – I feel like we have been planning for a long time.  But really, I think we are doing quite well timing wise.  We have a few things that we need to work on, but overall at a very good place.

I wish I had lost more weight, but that is working progress.




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