Smile #205 – Say Yes to Food Tasting

Food is undoubtedly the most memorable part of the weddings…at least it is true for us.  We can tell you what food was served at all the weddings we attended, but can’t tell you a single word from the ceremony.  #truestory  It is even more imperative that we feed our guests with good food.

Our caterer, Caroline Allured,  works exclusively with Homewood.  Caroline was so easy to work with.  We shared our ideal budget and selected a few items from the sample menu.

The day came for our tasting.  Her house is nested in the suburb of Asheville.  Her front yard greets us with colorful gardens.  We followed the stepping stones to the door.  It rained earlier, Bubble almost slipped…what a grand entrance that would be.  Hehe!

Caroline already setup the dishes for us.  The grilled salmon is so fresh, the tenderloin is perfectly tender, the pork & ginger dumplings was delicious and the mashed potatoes is well textured.  Being the picky eater that I am, trust me when I say the food is good!  Of course Bubble loved the food.  Our American with a slight Chinese fusion menu is awesome!

We can’t wait to serve the food at our wedding!  Bon appetite!  🙂



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