Smile #210 – Say Yes to the Videographer

At the beginning, we figured we would cut out videographer from our budget.  We will focus our budget on just the photographer.  But then, I read an article on the top things brides regret not having and reasons why.  Not having a videographer is listed as number one.  Video can capture things that photo can’t – people’s emotions, our emotions during first look and ceremony, our voices as we say our vows and toasts, our first dance..etc.  The idea of being able to captures what memories forget and preserves it for years to come changed our minds.

I started researching videographers in the area. I reviewed so many packages and watched more wedding videos than my fingers and toes can count!  Bubble was forced to watch a few as well.  By watching so many wedding videos, we narrowed down exactly what we AKA I wanted.  We wanted someone to capture most of the day, from getting ready to sending off.  We wanted the 4K drone option (Gotta keep up with technology or else 60 years down the line, my grandkid will see the video and be like, Grandma, you didn’t even have a drone….!)  We wanted our videographer to produce a short feature film we can share with those who wants to relive the wedding with us.

Not the easiest quest, but we shortlisted a few videographers.  We evaluated their visual style, their reputation, the equipment and every other little detail possible.

After brewing over it for a few weeks, we have decided to SAY YES to our VIDEOGRAPHER – Sugar Shack Films!  🙂  Their quality of work is on par with what we are looking for and we are excited to be working with them!  Stay tuned for a future feature film of our wedding!  🙂



Smile #205 – Say Yes to Food Tasting

Food is undoubtedly the most memorable part of the weddings…at least it is true for us.  We can tell you what food was served at all the weddings we attended, but can’t tell you a single word from the ceremony.  #truestory  It is even more imperative that we feed our guests with good food.

Our caterer, Caroline Allured,  works exclusively with Homewood.  Caroline was so easy to work with.  We shared our ideal budget and selected a few items from the sample menu.

The day came for our tasting.  Her house is nested in the suburb of Asheville.  Her front yard greets us with colorful gardens.  We followed the stepping stones to the door.  It rained earlier, Bubble almost slipped…what a grand entrance that would be.  Hehe!

Caroline already setup the dishes for us.  The grilled salmon is so fresh, the tenderloin is perfectly tender, the pork & ginger dumplings was delicious and the mashed potatoes is well textured.  Being the picky eater that I am, trust me when I say the food is good!  Of course Bubble loved the food.  Our American with a slight Chinese fusion menu is awesome!

We can’t wait to serve the food at our wedding!  Bon appetite!  🙂


Smiles #201 – New Year, New Challenges

2017 is a year of new chapters.  Work is starting a new beginning.  Life is taking the next step. It is only the second day and my to-do list is growing a mile long.  Before I get lost in the nitty gritty details of life, let’s jump out and look at the big picture.

  1. WEDDING – Time to tie the knot.  Bubble and I need to get going on all those DIY projects I have signed us up for.  Plus who knows what that will sneak up at the very last minute.
  2. TRAVEL – I don’t think I can go more than a month without an adventure.  While I loveee exploring beyond the borders of the United States, it is also important to value my surroundings.  Who is ready for some roadtriping?!
  3. HEALTH – The gym and I have a rocky relationship; some days we are inseparable and other days we couldn’t be further apart.  With the wedding coming, I think it is time to mend our relationship and let’s get sweating!
  4. BALANCE – Gone are those days of impulsive spending.  A dollar here and a dollar there adds up after a while.  Kicking those old habits and starting fresh for the new year.  Money diet…
  5. LEARN – No more queue of unplayed podcast episode.  No more unread books returned.

Being 25 is such a monumental year, I would like to celebrate with a shiny metal.  I, Leigha C, am going to run a 5K and earn my first and ever metal.  I am not sure how I will do it yet…but I am going to make it happen.

Welcome 2017!  I have a very good feeling about this one.  🙂