Smile #200 – Goodbye 2016

Another year has flown by.  In just a few more minutes, I will be caught up to other parts of the world and celebrate the arrival of 2017.

In the meantime, I’ll be watching all those stunning firework shows from my around the world and reflecting on the past 365 days.  Here is a short recap:

Cheered to 2016 with Bubble and Lil Sis.  Officially started the wedding preparation. Climbed to the top of a rock wall like a monkey, with a harness, of course.  Traveled to Vietnam.  Shot my first bullet and screamed about it.  Crawl through the narrowest tunnel, Cu Chi Tunnels.  Learned about the Vietnam War from a Vietnam War Veteran.  Rode through Mekong Delta on a traditional row-boat.  Pampered myself at a full body massage.  Tried Korean BBQ.  Traveled to Hong Kong.  Reunited with the family and friends.  Toured Hong Kong at speed of lighting, 1 week is definitely not enough.  Sat between a room full of housewives at Real Housewives of Charlotte.  Relived childhood memories at Junie B. Jones the Musical.  Survived spider in-car incident.  Saw Rachel Platton perform in live concert.  Visited the Body World exhibit.  Laughed so hard at Michael Yo’s comedy show.  Saw Once the Musical in theater.  Hiked from Uptown Charlotte to Davidson at Open Street 704.  Crossed the Mile-High swinging bridge.  Traveled to Denver, Colorado.  Stood a mile above sea level.  Awed at Red Rocks and Garden of Gods.  Ascended Pikes Peak with the world’s highway cog railway.   Ate the best proclaimed donuts from Voodoo Doughnuts.  Traveled to Canada.  Dipped my fingers at a hot spring.  Hunted for Sasquatches.  Survived a month without Mom.  Zipped over the Catawba River.  Got addicted to Podcasts.  Burned like a lobster at Myrtle Beach.  Dined with Medieval Times.  Attended in a timeshare presentation.  Parasailed above the Atlantic Ocean.  Traveled to Oslo, Norway.  Rode the Flam Railway.  Appreciated the beauty of Naeroyfjord.  Traveled to Bergen, Norway.  Hiked at the peak of Bergen to nowhere and turned around.  Admired the stunning sunset with a double rainbow on a fjord tour.  Drank water from a waterfall.  Ate whale for lunch.  Spent our dollars on real sheep with authentic sheep smelling scarf.  Searched the famous angry child and influenced a group of tourist to call it Angry Baby instead.  Hunted for trolls around Norway.  Traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark.  Ordered smorrebrod.  Took a photo with the Little Mermaid statue.  Traveled to Stockholm, Sweden.  Found both end of a double rainbow.  Tasted the best Swedish meatball.  Cruised to the Swedish Archipelago.  Accomplished 25 countries before 25 goal.  Upgraded to Global Entry status.  Became a mystery shopper.  Sampled wine at a treehouse.  Celebrated 1 year engagement anniversary.  Traveled to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  Admired at local handcrafted work at Gatlinburg Arts & Crafts Community.  Sampled the strongest alcohol at 128 proof.  Got lost in a corn maze.  Traveled to Panama.  Toured Panama with a local.  Tried Peruvian Food.  Rode the Panama Canal Railway parallel to the old Panama Canal.  Observed how a vessel pass through the new Panama Canal.  Purchased the cheapest and freshest lobster.  Stood in the middle of the ocean’s natural pool.  Held a live starfish.  Met the president (kinda…just a few feet away).  Celebrate my 25th at the fanciest bar in town.  Voted and never felt so defeated.  Tried Russian cuisine.  Said Yes to a dress and then Said Yes to a dress again.  Cheered to my first job promotion.  Celebrated 6 years anniversary.  Discovered a new Christmas favorite song at Speedway Christmas.  Won tickets from a radio show.  Spoiled with a new North Face jacket and new bottles of nail polish.

2016, what a wonderful year it was!  I am extremely thankful for all the new and old experiences.  🙂  But I have a feeling 2017 will be the best one yet to be.



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