Smile #199 – Tix at 6 Winner

If I leave work at exactly at 5:50, by the time I get downstairs and to my car, it would be at 5:58pm.  Just enough time to pull out my phone and dial in to Kiss 95.1 radio station’s Tix at 6 contest.  Of course, more likely than not, I miss it by a few minutes.

Once in a while I get lucky and listen in right on time.  It is the perfect entertainment while I sit among the sea of red tail lights (Rush hour never endssss!).  It doesn’t matter what the prize is, I love the adrenaline of dialing in.  The whole call takes 3 steps – dialing the number, busy signal and redial again.  Except a few times, I managed to get through and a voice replied “Number XX, try again.”  But during those few seconds, it is quite exciting to think my call could be the next winner.

Today I left work just in time to dial in. Like usual, I dialed in, expecting a busy signal.  Instead, a lady host picked up!  She announced I am caller #9!  Thanks 95.1, Lil Sis and I’ll be heading to see Jake Miller in concert in February!  Until then, I’ll continue to dial in and test my chances.  🙂


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