Smile #198 – Speedway Christmas

Christmas is the most magical time of the year.  I remember every Christmas when we lived in Hong Kong, my parents and I would go see Christmas lights.  We’d spend a few hours strolling through the festively lit Victoria Harbor. After we moved to the US, we typically spent evenings cruising through neighborhoods to hunt for beautifully decorated houses.

This year, we decided to pile in the car and headed to see the Speedway Christmas at Charlotte Motor Speedway.  Each year, the speedway sparkes with millions of lights.  Perhaps it is Monday, the line was moving surprisingly quick.  We started driving on the track and weaved our ways through the 3.75 mile course.  Hundreds of displays glow to the synchronized music on the radio.  I found my new holiday favorite – Joy to the World by Go Fish.  This cheerful remix to a familiar tune had us singing and dancing in the car.

In addition to the lights, a Christmas Village is set up in the infield with even more family friendly fun.

At the Bethlehem village, it was like time had turned back a couple centuries.  Mary and Joseph kneeled beside baby Jesus in a manger.  The three kings also stood guard beside the newborn king.

The smell of food lured us inside the Christmas Village. A selection of delicious mouthwatering snacks, including funnel cake, mini donuts and Lil Sis’s favorite, cotton candy.  Of course, a Christmas Village would not be complete without Santa … and Elsa from Frozen.

Dad was fascinated by the petting zoo.  It featured a variety of animals, including sheep, cows, goats and a few exotic animals (exotic in my opinion) like an Alpaca and Bambi.  All the animals were giddy for attention.

Look at this baby goat!  It is too cute to handle!  They were born just 3 days earlier.

Although the weather is quite mild in comparison to earlier of the week, our ears are starting to hurt.  AKA our body’s alarm calling us back to the car.

We thought we have seen it all, but little did we know, the best is yet to come.  We went through tunnels of lights.  It is soo pretty!  At times, we felt like we were in a game of Mario Kart, just speeding along the track among the glistening lights.

What a fun evening out!   Nothing captures the holidays spirit quite like sparkling lights and ornaments.  🙂


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