Smile #190 – Say Yes to Travel Theme

Travel is a theme of our lives.  We came from literally the opposite end of the world.  One from the bustling city of Hong Kong and one from the remote country town of Wilkesboro, NC.  Yet, we met and fell in love in a charming mountain town of Boone NC.  My travel addiction slowly rubbed off on Bubble and off we go around the world.  🙂

When planning our wedding, we definitely wanted to add elements of travel to our theme.  A quick search on Pinterest revealed numerous travel theme wedding ideas.  From invitations to centerpieces to wedding favors. It was an instant connection!

Needless to say, I am absolutely inspired and can’t wait to add our personal touches to our wedding.  🙂

*All images from Pinterest

Smile #189 – Unconventional Cooking

Cooking is an nuisance.  I would eat plain bread for days before pulling out pots and pans to cook a proper meal.  And my definition of a proper meal consist of ramen.  So no, I am far from the title – chef.  It is hard to convince me that cooking is at all fun.  Bubble can certainly attest to that.

However, every once in a blue moon, I would come across a random recipe that intrigue me enough that I just have to get my hands dirty.  While I was browsing the internet, I found a recipe that I was so excited to try.  The best part is – the ingredients includes bread!

Follow the recipe here.

Look at my creation!  It is slightly burnt.  But it is still edible.

So no, I am not a chef.  But I can cook…I just happened to cook the most conventional things.  🙂