Smile #175 – I Said It

Checking my calendar, I realized I have been on quite a long Toastmaster hiatus.  I haven’t delivered a speech in almost half a year!  With my work assignment coming up, it is time to brush up on those presentation skills!


Project #4 – How to Say It presents a unique challenge.  The objective of the speech is to incorporate vivid, descriptive words and rhetorical devices while avoiding jargon.  I scratched my head searching for a topic fitting to the prompt.

After some time, a light bulb lit up and I got on writing.  Today’s speech is about traveling and donuts.  Some places you go for the museums, some for scenery, and others for the food.  But not me, I travel for donuts.  Almost all of my domestic travel itinerary includes a donut stop.  Hmmm, this might be a pattern of an addiction…never mind that, let’s get on with the speech.  Capture.PNG


For the first time at Toastmaster, I did not bring my speech clutch – AKA note cards.  I stood in front of the audience and words rolled off my tongue.  Soon I was flashed by the green card (speech met time limit).

Based on the evaluation received, I achieved the speeches’ goal with vivid description of each donut.  This made everyone hungry and those already came hungry, even more hungry.  Donuts for lunch, please!

Another speech down, just 6 more to go!


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