Smile #174 – Mystery Shopper

Our trip to the Scandinavia has officially drained my savings.  While it was totally worth every krone spent, I have revert back to my ramen and hot pocket budget.  Since my lotto luck isn’t so lucky, I decided to pick up a hobby to increase my savings.  Savings = traveling.  🙂  486472_10151401966811985_908605066_n1.jpg
I have heard of mystery shopper years ago. Mystery shopper goes in the store pretending to be a regular customer and secretly grading the store’s performance.  Well, it is like that plus a bit more.  There is a lengthy guidelines on what I need to do with scenarios and scripts.  I discovered this when I signed up to be mystery shopper at a fast food shop this past weekend.  My task is to evaluate the customer service, food quality, and overall cleanliness of the establishment.  Afterward, I have to submit my findings.

Bubble also joined me on this assignment. My stomach was grumbling just in time for dinner.  After we ordered our food, I stood beside the counter and really noted the staff working, the cooking progress, and any areas of improvement.

2 things are cool about this gig:  1.  I felt like I was a special agent under cover…I mean I kinda was, right.  2.  I get to eat on someone else’s dime.  Cha-ching!





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