Smile #172 – Say Yes to Wedding Venue

When Bubble and I started our search for a wedding venue, we had no idea what we wanted.  We turned to our loyal friend, Google and searched for Wedding Venue in NC.  Over 943,000 results returned!

We shifted through the first few links and nothing caught our eyes.  Hotel is too formal and cosmopolitan for us mountain folks; barn is a bit too country and rustic for me; country club just doesn’t fit our personality; and a beach wedding is just too sticky for us.  No to this, No to that, soon we were running out of choices.  Wedding planning is tough!

Then with a little help from the Knot Concierge, we found the most unique venue.  A gorgeous castle exterior and an elegant homey interior, it is just the perfect mix of what we want.   The pictures were not enough, we need to see this stunning castle ourselves.  We immediately scheduled a meeting and a tour of the venue (Remember Smile 108?  Another reason why we went to Asheville).   Just one look, we knew this would be the one!  🙂

We are more than excited to announce we will be walking down to our happy ever after at Homewood Event Center in Asheville! 🙂

2016-01-30 14.56.24.jpg


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