Smile #160 – Say Yes to Wedding Podcast

To grasp how to plan a wedding and to get wedding inspirations, I have been flipping through wedding magazines, reading wedding blogs and websites, browsing through Pinterest and watching wedding videos.  To add to my latest madness, I just discovered wedding podcasts!

I’ve been an avid podcast listener over the years.  I turn it on whenever I get a chance to catch up with current events.  With so many podcasts, it is hard to know what is all that’s out there.  That’s when a light bulb suddenly went off, why not see if there are any podcasts about weddings.  A simple search returned several wedding planning podcasts.  Jackpot!

Despite these podcasts all revolve the major keyword – wedding, each one takes a different angle.

  • Put A Ring On It hosted by photographer Daniel Moyer and wedding planner Danielle Pasternak share their wedding industry knowledge through stories and interviews.
  • Engaged hosted by Kali and her fiance, Ryan is a personal journal documenting how they are planning their wedding.  It is personable as they invite friends to talk about how they feel before and after the wedding.
  • The Bridechilla Podcast is hosted by comedian Aiesha McCormack.  I love her witty comments to helps brides to be bridechillas and not bridezillas.
  • To Dos Before I Do hosted by Shaina Franco is devoted to help engaged couples from the exciting moment of saying yes” to the unforgettable moment of saying “I Do.”
  • From Ring to Veil is hosted by two wedding industry professionals, Shannon Palmer and Kim Mills catering mainly to North Pacific region.  However it is very informative for all.  Their guest interviews shares knowledge and secrets about how to plan the perfect wedding.
  • Wedding Planning Podcast is my favorite go-to.  Kara Lamerato focuses on budgeted wedding and shares helpful guidance on wedding planning without breaking the bank.

2016-08-02 11.50.38.png
75 episodes in, I honestly learned a whole lot about weddings.  From how to select a venue to questions to ask a wedding coordinator, from types of flowers available for each seasons to how to DIY centerpieces.  All these knowledge will certainly come in handy when we start assembling our vendor team.  🙂


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