Smile #159 – Cinque Terre Completed

Part of my Christmas gifts, Bubble got me a brand new puzzle.  The image is Cinque Terre, more specially, Manarola.  It is a reminder of our happy place!  🙂

I was giddy like a child pouring the 2000 pieces onto the dining table.  Within the pile, I first found all the edge pieces to assemble the frame. Moving on to the easy parts, the colorful buildings and the sunset skyline were completed in no time.  Surprisingly, the toughest part wasn’t the ocean.  The different shades of green helped narrowing down the right home for each pieces.  On the other hand, the rocky terrace was a challenge!  These pieces have no pattern.  Each piece has the same tannish colors with some specks of white and grey.  Nevertheless, the puzzle is finished!

We can’t wait to hang this in our future apartment…wherever that will be.  🙂

File Aug 21, 10 25 46 PM.jpeg


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