Smile #158 – Nice to Meet You, Parasailing!

Nice to Meet You, Parasailing! 

August has quietly creeped up on the calendar.  Students are stocking up on school supplies and parents can finally let out a relieved sigh. Things will soon return to their ‘normal’ schedule.  Before we welcome that dreadful morning traffic, let’s celebrate summer with one final adventure!

EC, Lil Sis and I took our final beach drive down to Charleston, SC.  We made reservation at Tidalwave Watersports for our very first parasailing trip!  Yup, 600 feet-in-the-air-kinda parasailing!  Honestly, we didn’t quite know what to expect.

We hopped on the motor boat and cruised to the middle of the ocean.  One of the operators helped us get into the harness and handed us each a life vest.  A total of 5 groups, including ours, will take turns going up.  A group of two girls volunteered to go up first.  All eyes on them as they get strapped in and released in the air.  They returned with a big smile on their faces.  We were up next.

While the boat continued to make waves in the ocean, we climbed to the back of the boat.  The operator strapped us in and instructed for us to sit.  Once the the boat speed up and the chute open, we immediately shot up in the air. EC let out her loudest scream.

It took us a second to recognize just how far up we were.  The world looks different when you are looking from 600 feet above.  At such height, everything below is lego size.  We could see the ocean far beyond reach.  We were so high, only the birds could reach us.  For ten mins, we were just hanging on to civilization by a thick rope.  All safety concerns disappeared for the view is absolutely stunning and our surrounding is so peaceful.

We rented a gopro…that was an experience all by itself.  None of us had ever used a gopro; we had no idea if it is running on camera mode or video mode.  It is even more hilarious when we reviewed the footage.  As it turned out, the gopro was running on video mode the whole time despite us ‘switching it to camera mode’…or so we thought we did.  There were clips of boobs close up and unflattering double chin angles.  Sexy, right?!  Fortunately we managed to get some neat clips of us in the air.

2016-08-09 21.24.01.jpg

2016-08-08 23.37.44.jpg

2016-08-10 00.46.25.png

Time flies when you are having fun.  Our time slot is over.  Before we were reeled in, the operator lowered us to dip our feet in the ocean. Luckily, there were no sharks in the water!  The water splashed against our legs cooling us from the summer heat.  We landed back on the same end of the boat.

We did it!  How about that!  Parasailing, check!  It was absolutely fun and adrenaline filled.  Now I am ready to go again, who is with me?!


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