Smile #155 – Nice to Meet You, Myrtle Beach! Again…[Part II]

Nice to See you, Myrtle Beach!  Again…[Part II]

Bubble surprised me with breakfast in bed.  Ham and cheese sandwich with some chips and a cutie.  I love vacations!  #Spoiled

Today has all the elements of a perfect summer day – the blue sky with only a few clouds flowing, the cooling ocean breeze and the beaming sun shining from above.  We set out the picnic blanket and spent half the day out on the beach.

Bubble immediately ran towards the water.  I laid down to sunbathe.  I am ready for that sun kissed brown skin tone!

After roasting for a few minutes, I joined him in the water.  I stayed closer to shore at around upper thigh level and he was much further out at upper waist level.  For a while I stood there enjoying the waves crashing on.  He swam back to me and attempted to pull me out.  I refused and stood my ground…well, until he remembered that I weigh less and he can just pick me up and go.  Jerk!  He finally let me down in about upper-waist water level.  To stay above the water, we have to jump the waves.  As the wave crept toward us, I either jumped too early or completed missed it.  Because I gripped on to him so tight that he can’t jump higher, the water usually smacked him in the face.  That’s what you get for pulling me out!

Inspired by Pinterest, I wanted to create an anchor with seashells.  Where we were stationed, there is only the black shells pieces and white/orange shells.  The black ones are easy to spot against the white sand.  However, finding the larger white shells was a challenge.  Our best opportunity is wait until each wave retreat pulling layers of sand and revealed new shells for us to grab.  We ran back and forth for a while until we gathered enough shells. It is worth all the hard work when the anchor completed.

2016-07-26 14.35.03-2.jpg

Four hours passed by before we realized.  We are both slightly tanner…or redder.  I am sure we will feel it later today and definitely tomorrow.

For old-time sake, we grabbed dinner at our favorite, Old Cafe Vienna.  They had moved into a much larger location since we have been here last.  Situated on the intersection of N Kings Hwy, the restaurant is much more spacious with plenty of sitting and has added a beer garden on the side, perfect for a cool summer day.  The dessert display case stock with apple strudel, Napoleon and chocolate cake had me drooling as soon as we walked in.  Ordering dinner was a tough decision.  Everything on the menu sounded appetizing.  After some time, I settled on today’s special of pork loin and Bubble ordered the pork cutlet.  The food is still as delicious as we remembered!   The meat was perfectly cooked and absolutely tender and well-seasoned.  Our food baby grew and grew until we couldn’t fit another bite.

Part of Bubble’s birthday present, I surprised him with tickets to Cinque Extreme.  It is a new thrill show at Palace Theater featuring some of the world’s most dangerous circus artists. I like the MC, a mime who kept the crowd entertained before the show starts and between each performance.  He even solicited people from the audiences to join him on stage.  One of his acts, he invited a lady on to the stage.  He kept persuading her for a kiss.  He gave her flowers, she declined.  He gave her wine, she declined.  He gave even more wine, she declined.  Eventually, he tricked her to look away and when she turned her head back, he got close to her and her lips accidentally glide over his.  The mime’s mischievous look had the audience burst out laughing.

The schedule alternated between intense acts and lighthearted acts.  An aerial acrobat swinging and spinning upside down looked at ease on a swing.  Three men jumping out of a two-story building on a trampoline in a choreographed manner.  A lady balanced over 10 hula hoops all over all her body and while she was hanging in the air.  Everyone was extremely talented.

2016-07-26 19.12.35.jpg

The featured act, Globe of Death had us sitting at the edge of our seats!  Daredevil motorbike riders hurtled inside the 5000 lbs globe at 60 miles an hour.  Upside down and side to side!  They are completely defying the rules of gravity.  It got even more dangerous when a lady entered the globe.  She stood at the center testing destiny while three bikers circled the globe.  Holy cow!  How do you even rehearse for this type of performance?!

Bubble loved the show.  Guess I made a good choice on his birthday present!



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