Smile #154 – Nice to Meet You, Myrtle Beach! Again…[Part I]

Nice to Meet You See you, Myrtle Beach!  Again…[Part I]

I must’ve be psychic when I predicted my relationship with Myrtle Beach hasn’t quite ended.   I returned for an even longer trip just three weeks later.  But trust me, there was a lot of contemplation and hesitation before we confirmed that booking.

Bubble and I takes a beach trip annually in celebration of summer and his birthday.  We had hoped to returned to Savannah.  Sadly we decided a little too late.  We would either suffer from high prices for a decent hotel room or affordable prices for a less than optimal motel room.  After weighing our options, the best alternative for price and livability circled back to Myrtle Beach.  Welcome back to Myrtle Beach then!  Let’s rectify our last trip and make it fun and memorable!

Waking up undisturbed on a Monday morning was such an exhilarating feeling.  It almost felt surreal.  No alarms shrieking, no to-do list needing to check off and no morning traffic. We leisurely got out of beds and got ready for our road trip.

We finally made it down to Myrtle Beach around 3pm.   Although the humidity was at its peak, it was compensated with some ocean breeze.  We settled in our angled ocean view room.  Our home for the next few days.

2016-07-26 11.47.12.jpg

The abundance of entertainment explained why visitors love Myrtle Beach.  We passed by at least 50 billboards advertising shows and attractions.  For the first time, we are actually going to check them out.  Tonight, we attended the popular Medieval Times Dinner and Show.

2016-07-25 19.01.49.jpg

It felt as if the clock had turned back to 11th century Spain once we entered the grey stoned castle.  We were given a crown and from then referred to as the Lord and the Queen throughout the night.  We waited in the Great Hall until it was time.  Swords and weapons displayed highly in the great hall would make a great collection piece.

2016-07-25 19.12.11.jpg

The crowd is divided into color-coded section.  The audience is to declare their allegiance by cheering loudly for the assigned knight.  We were a part of the Blue Knight’s team.  Each time our knight raises his sword, we cheered and waved flags of support.  Our section were the loudest and most enthusiastic ones in the crowd by far.

2016-07-25 19.51.35.jpg

Dinner came at a slight surprise.  This was a “hands-on” feast, which means no utensils as those were not yet invented.  Our waiter demonstrated that our left hand is our fork, our right hand is our knife.  Put our curled hands together make a spoon.  LOL!  Just don’t think about how many guests had drunk out of those exact same cup….hmmm.  Dinner included tomato bisque soup fresh from an insulated pitcher with garlic bread and roasted chicken accompanied by sweet buttered corn and herb basted potato.  For dessert we got an apple turnover.

2016-07-25 19.30.50.jpg

The tournament unfolded before our eyes while we enjoyed our meal.  Six knights are to compete for the title of King’s Champion in a series of mini games and a furious jousting tournament.  Our knight went into battle with the red knight.  The knights clashed  weapons with force enough to sever a limb.  Literally sparks fly as the knights began fighting.  The heated duel ended when our blue knight pinned down the red knight and stabbed him with a sword.  Unfortunately he was quickly defeated by the red/yellow strip knight in the next round.  Each knight slowly eliminated.


The white/black strip knight claimed victory.  The final joust between the white/black strip knight and the dark lord left the audience at edge of their seat. No worries, the evil cannot triumph over the good.

2016-07-25 21.07.37.jpg

Overall, we enjoyed the show.  It is unique and unlike any other shows we had been.  Although the food isn’t five-star worthy, the jousting was definitely impressive and well orchestrated.  Next time, we need to check out Pirate Voyage Dinner and Show.


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