Smile #153 – Nice to Meet You, Canaan Zipline!

Nice to Meet You, Canaan Zipline!

Summer is the ideal time to seek new adventures.  Nothing says adventure like ziplining across the Catawba River!

I had ziplined once in Austria and absolutely loved the experience.  There is nothing quite like the feeling of zipping across a valley or down a mountain.  So when a Groupon offer came up, I immediately sent it to Lil Sis.  It took almost no convincing for her to say yes.

2016-07-23 11.22.17 HDR.jpg

Canaan Zipline is located just outside of Charlotte.  We made an early morning reservation in hopes to avoid the brutal heat wave.   Upon arrival, our guides AJ and Lindsay outfitted us with harness and equipment for the tour.  Then we made our way to a trial zipline to learn safety procedures.

Our first flying station is at the top of a 70 foot tower.  Not going to lie, I was slightly out of breath after climbing 100 steps up.  From there, one by one, we zipped through to the next observation platform.   When it was my turn, I was too distracted by the surrounding that I completely forgot to brake.  I flew right into our guide.  Nothing like nice to meet you than a body slam.  HAHAH!

We continued on to our second, third, fourth zipline.  The view kept getting better and better!  We zigzagged from one side of the Catawba River to the other.   Next time you know, we are zipping through our 9th zipline and also my favorite zip.  The 900 ft zip is the longest one and the view of the river is spectacular!  Kayakers were literally paddling right below us.  We flew through waving to everyone.

2016-07-23 11.49.29-2.jpg

Our Canopy Tour took about three hours to complete.   There was not a single dull moment!   We loved our guides, they were so friendly and definitely made the trip even more enjoyable!  We even learned about pirates and cow bones in the area.  This trip has opened Lil Sis to a whole new world.  She is hooked on this adrenaline filled adventure and has began researching our next ziplining adventure.  I can’t wait until the next tour we do!  🙂



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