Smile #151 – The BFG

Once upon a time, a time before J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter, a time before Nicholas Sparks and romantic drama, and a time before Gillian Flynn and thriller mystery, there was Roald Dahl and children fantasy.  His stories were always imaginative and humorous.

What a surprise it was to learn that one of my favorite, The BFG, was adapted into a live action film!  Watching the trailer bought back a great deal of fantastic memories.  I remember my attempts to read with a flashlight after Mom sent us to bed.  It has been years since I last read his books!  Quite frankly, my memories has blurred of the storyline.

I scanned my bookshelf, hoping I have a copy to refresh my memories.  I came up empty handed.  Immediately, I rushed out to a local Target and snatched a copy.  The book has been updated with a fresh cover art and new cartoon figures.

I am very excited to read the book and can’t wait see the new film!  🙂

File Jul 29, 12 26 58 AM



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