Smile #149 – Nice to Meet You, Myrtle Beach, SC!

Nice to Meet You  See You, Myrtle Beach, SC!

I vowed to never return to Myrtle Beach after our trip to the Bahamas’ clear blue water.  I vowed to never return to Myrtle Beach after Bubble and I’s beach trip was ruined by thunderstorm and rain.  I vowed to never return to Myrtle Beach after meeting the alternative quiet Tybee Island last year.  And what happened?!  I returned to Myrtle Beach once again…

I guess my excuse this time is Dad wanted to check out the fish markets.  Beach time was just simply a byproduct of this trip.

Figured the road would be busy with travelers, so Dad, Mom and I headed out @ 7am.   Quite the contrary!  The highways were deserted with only a few cars.  We were able to speed through and arrived in under 3.5 hours.

The fish market we were looking for is actually closed on Sunday.  Great research, Dad!  Changed of plans, we headed to the beach instead.  The closest beach near us is Cherry Grove.  Parking is, of course, a hassle.  People parked on road mediums or created new spaces in public parking lots.  Here is a secret, there is an empty lot near Tilghman Hotel.  Shhh!  The metal fence dividing the two lots was misleading.  Thank you to those two hotels guys!

Two hours is just the right amount of beach time to reach that perfect warm glow.  The water is … well, murky..but at least it is cool enough to offset the heat.  I spent a little bit of time in the water, but mostly just tanning.  I gave myself a challenge – no music while tanning.  Instead, I listened to the sounds of the waves crashing to the shore and crowds laughing and screaming.  It was quite enjoyable!  We are all slightly burnt, but no beach trip is really complete without looking like a lobster.  🙂

File Jul 05, 12 41 21 AM

Side story:  This impromptu beach trip was a bit chaotic.  We didn’t pack anything beachy.  No sunscreen, no beach umbrella, no beach lounge chairs, and we bought 2 towels for the three of us.  Dad pointed out some group brought a really rusty umbrella.  Mom replied, at least they have one, we bought a rain umbrella.  Literally, Mom held an umbrella for an hour, ankling the umbrella to tan only her legs.  #onlyAsianswillunderstand

Three lobsters (Dad, Mom and I) went to find more lobsters AKA the fish market.  We found Mr. Fish Seafood Market.  It is a popular seafood joint with both locals and vacationers.  We picked up a large yellowtail, some mussels and clams.  Hello seafood dinner!

Mom and I got our tan and Dad got his fish.  This concluded our quick day trip to the beach.  🙂

I would say I vowed not never return to Myrtle Beach again…but I have a feeling my relationship with Myrtle hasn’t ended yet.  🙂


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