Smile #148 – No July 4th w/o a Feast

July 4th celebration is not complete without food and in this case, a lot, a lot of food.  I literally ate my weight in food!  I guess my diet will have to wait.

I mean, can you say no to this?

File Jul 05, 1 20 22 AM.jpeg

How about this?

File Jul 05, 1 20 04 AM.jpeg

The food drew everyone in from near and far.  This is Bubble’s first official family gathering.  It was a slight madhouse but guess he just have to get used to it.

Side story:  CY’s dog, Chacos, also came over.  He is a funny little dog.  He is well trained and usually quite friendly.  But when he saw Bubble, he was terrified.  He wouldn’t stop barking.  Who is this giant white person?!  He was so scared that he literally hid under the chair for the longest time.  …well, until we bribed him with cheese.  That’s an offer that he won’t ever say no to.  🙂

Now I am stuffed to the max and can’t move more than two inches from my chair to my bed.  July 4th celebration complete!  🙂


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