Smile #143 – Nice to Meet You, British Columbia, Canada! [Part III]

Nice to Meet You, British Columbia, Canada!  [Part III] 

At half past nine, the room remained grim. Outside the window, a thick layer of grey cloud covered the sky with a light drizzle.  It was hardly the weather we hoped for.  We blamed VP, obviously she didn’t do a good job at her rain dance (AKA random knee-jerk movements in her sleep).  Today is just going to be what Canadian calls, a liquid sunshine kinda day!

The morning started with a bit of a fiasco.

2016-06-13 10.31.30

Meet Abby, Ayo’s high energy dog.  She is pretty clever.  She knows how to wrap herself with a blanket.  But do not underestimate her sweet face, she has a mean side too!  At breakfast, Ayo sat on the porch to give Abby a bit of TLC.  VP joined with a sandwich in her hand.  Abby was very excited… to see the sandwich. Bread is Abby’s favorite food.  VP turned away to avoid Abby snatching it and Abby seek revenge and took a bite on VP’s leg!  What is crazier is VP’s jeans did not rip, but there is a clear teeth mark on her leg. That is some durable jeans!

Nestled between magnificent mountains and the sandy beach is Harrison Lake.  This small resort town is known for its geothermal hot springs.  The view reminded me quite a bit of the pristine Interlaken, Switzerland.  The serene landscape was interrupted by the bright neon colored inflatables set up in front of the Hot Springs Resort & Spa.  It is an obstacle course with slides, bounce house, and climbing walls.

2016-06-13 11.45.59 HDR-2

2016-06-13 11.46.52.jpg

2016-06-13 12.20.53

We hiked up to the source of the hot springs inside a bathhouse. Steam rose off the water and evaporated into the chilly air.   Ayo explained, the hot water is piped off to the hotels.   Next to the bathhouse, there is a small pool of mineral water.  The water is clear and at a lukewarm temperature.  Well, first natural hot springs, check!  🙂

Considering the summer season hasn’t peaked, the town was deserted with only a few visitors.  We walked along the main strip searching for Sasquatch footprints.  The footprints led us to a large Sasquatch statue.

VP waved for us to get out of her picture frame.   She wanted to take a picture of the large sign posted ‘Sasquatch Parking Only’ with the large statue and we were in the way.  Ayo and I waited until VP was ready to press down the capture button and ran in the frame.  HAHAH, perfect shot!

2016-06-13 12.37.19-1

On our way to Bridal Veil Falls, the rain continued to cut in and out.  Luckily, when we finally parked, the rain has slowed down to just some drizzling.  A sign posted 15 minute with an arrow pointing to the fall.  That’s manageable…or so we thought.  What we quickly realized is this 15 mins walk will be strictly uphill.  Ayo and I were so out of breathe.  VP being her athletic self ran ahead of us with no issues.  The hike up was no easy trek.  But it is all worth it once we made it up.  The cascading waterfall is exactly like the name described.  A beautiful bridal veil. It is breathtaking (hehe, pun intended!)!

2016-06-13 13.49.22

2016-06-13 14.01.24

This was good exercise.  So it is only right we take is easy for the remainder of the afternoon.  🙂

Recalled the summer of 2010, Ayo, EJ and I practically lived at Zuma, a local amusement center.  We spent every afternoon racing go karts and bumper boats and playing mini golf.  What better way to reminisce than to do it again for good time sake.  Nothing has changed, we are still that competitive on the track.  It was a tough race, but I managed to sneak past and lapped Ayo for the win!


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