Smile #142 – Nice to Meet You, British Columbia, Canada! [Part II]

Nice to Meet You, British Columbia, Canada!  [Part II] 

To our delight, the weather forecast says only 20% chance of rain, it means we can take advantage of any outdoor activities!  We woke up early to head to the Tsawwassen ferry station.  Victoria, a city located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, is about a 1.5 hour ferry ride away.

Side story:  Before we boarded the ferry, VP, Ayo and I were on babysitting duty.  All three of us attempted to keep track of Ayo’s nephew, 1.5 years old Ash.  We followed him up and down and all around the playground.  He climbed up, we climbed up.  He came down, we three guardians blocked each side.  We were like mini Moms.  At some point, we just started playing the set.  We slided down, spinned around.  Ayo’s sister was like you guys do realize this is a playground for kids, right?!  HAHAH!   We are kids at heart!  After climbing up the playset three times, we were all exhausted.  No more climbing, Ash.

2016-06-12 12.19.43-1.jpg

We drove the car up on the ferry and relaxed in upper deck.  The ferry is equipped with a cafeteria, a gift shop, a kid zone and plenty of chairs.  This brought back memories of the last ferry ride, Bean, SC and I took from France to UK and UK to Ireland.  🙂  What a dark stormy night that was.  Quite the contrary this time, the weather was beautiful.  We headed outside for some sea breeze…though it was more like strong wind.  The ferry sped through the bluest water, passed by beautiful mountain ranges.

2016-06-12 14.10.54.jpg

2016-06-12 14.29.16.jpg

Started the trip with a taste of downtown Victoria.  The inner harbor, Fisherman’s Wharf, is quite lively.  Colorful floating houses docked along the boardwalk.   Each of these homes is uniquely decorated.  One was painted in bright yellow and themed with monkey figures and banana sculptures.  Another one was more eclectic with dolls and baby heads tucked in the plants and a pink wig mannequin sunbathing on the balcony.  I wished one of these homes were opened for tours.  I’d love to visit!

2016-06-12 16.14.08-1.jpg

As if this place is not magical enough, around the corner a crowd of harbor seals were performing tricks.  Jumped high in the air and dived in the water, these seals splashed water everywhere!  Children begged their parents for more dishes of sardines to feed the seals.  Definitely watch out for the pelican, one stoop down and swipe the bait from a girl attempting to feed the seals.  After their bellies are full, the seal swam off to bask in the sun.  What an experience!

The British Columbia Parliament Building was only a short leisure walk away.  Perhaps it is the green dome, this building reminded me of the museums in Berlin.  Locals enjoyed the sun in the front lawn.  Cheering and chanting echoed across the street as a cycling race reached its finish line.

2016-06-12 17.08.30.jpg

Funny story:  We attempted to teach Ash how to run.  He wobbled along as we followed behind him in slow motion.  It wasn’t exactly the most successful mission, but we tried.  All of a sudden, he stopped on top of a drain cover.  Ayo and I thought how cute, he is posing for pictures.  Just as we got our cameras out, his face turned red and we knew what that meant.  This little man had used the bathroom on federal ground.  HAHAH!  Not a lot of people can add that to their accomplishments.

Behind the  Parliament Building, we found a secret rose garden.  Gorgeous flowers surrounded the cross shaped concrete walking path.  Near the end of the garden is a replicate of the Speaker’s Chair.  We each took turns striking a special post in the chair.

British Columbia’s finest hotel, Fairmont Empress, is a classic embodiment of elegance and majestic.  We stopped in for a few minutes to admire at the exquisite architecture and tasteful decor.

Funny story:  Aside from scoping out the hotel, we came in with a mission to find the bathroom.  We found it down a short hallway by the banquet hall.  Ayo’s mom was a few steps ahead of Ayo and I.  She slipped past the first set of doors and disappeared.  We walked in behind her to see there is another door.  Without thinking, we both assumed there is only one bathroom.  We waited outside, chatting and complimenting the beautiful rose wallpaper.  When her mom walked out of the second door, we quickly realized there are multiple stalls.  HAHAH!  We waited outside for no reason.  Her mom was so confused why she kept hearing us laughing but no feet.  HAHAH!

Finished the night with dinner at a seafood restaurant.  Ayo, VP and I shared a seafood platter.  The three tier seafood platter was devoured in 10 mins.  We are seafood monsters!  🙂

2016-06-12 19.06.13.jpg

We got on the ferry just in time to catch the beautiful sunset!  🙂

2016-06-12 21.21.08.jpg



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