Smile #141 – Nice to Meet You, British Columbia, Canada! [Part I]

Nice to Meet You, British Columbia, Canada!  [Part I]

Let’s reunite this summer, this spring, this fall and the cycle repeats.  (Winter wasn’t included in the selection…winter wimps.  hehe).  Our reunion has been in the talks for years, literally..ever since Ayo moved back 4 years ago.  Finally, this most overdue trip happened!  VP and I buckled down, selected a date and booked our flights.  Less talking, more actions!

Our flight was slightly delayed, but nothing paused our excitement to see each other.

♪ ♪ Reunited and it feels so good. Reunited ’cause we understood. ♫ ♫

Started the day with the most iconic Canadian activity – breakfast at Tim Horton.  This fast food franchise got everything I needed.  Large display case filled with donuts and muffins and breakfast and lunch menu with biscuits, wraps and sandwiches.  What more can you ask for?!

2016-06-11 11.44.34.jpg

On the agenda today is visiting the village of Stevenson.  This quaint little fishing village is best known as the film location for the popular TV show, Once Upon A Time, AKA Storybrooke.  For the hardcore fans – Ayo and VP, standing in the center of Storybrooke is paradise.  I couldn’t say I partake in the fangirl moment since I have seen maybe 1 episode out of 6 seasons.  No worries, I have been prescribed Netflix binge sessions starting tonight.

2016-06-11 14.13.51.jpg

We picked up a Once Upon A Time walking map at the Visitor Office and began our self-guided tour of Storybrooke.  Ayo and VP tried to fill me in the details and connections.  Because filming is currently on hiatus, many of the shops are closed.  I stumbled in Storybrooke bakery, thinking it was closed and found fresh bread for sale. Smells delicious!

2016-06-11 14.56.34 HDR.jpg

Since it was lunch time, we stopped at Pajo’s for some fish and chips.  Seagulls and pigeons were circling the restaurant in hopes for a dropped chip.  A particular crow knocked over a bottle of balsamic vinegar to the floor.  He kept hopping and tipping the bottle and dipped his wings with the sauce.  I sure hope a lady crow will recognize his new scent.

2016-06-11 15.30.45-1.jpg

On the way back, we took a detour at White Rock Pier, a beloved landmark of the city.  The seaside community is beautiful with homes and restaurants terraced into the hillside.  A wooden pier that extends far into the ocean. It is by far the longest pier I have ever walked down. Boats lined up on either side of the pier.    We enjoyed the sea breeze as we strolled down the pier.  At the end of the pier, we even spotted a bald eagle napping on the lamp post.

2016-06-11 17.15.35-1.jpg

2016-06-11 17.33.46 HDR.jpg

Off to the side of the beach is a large white rock. Locals joked the rock stays white due to the bird droppings.  Just kidding, the rock stays white thanks to routine white paints.   According to geologists, White Rock is a glacial deposit left behind when the glaciers receded thousands of years ago.  How cool!

2016-06-11 17.54.02.jpg

Within a few minutes of us getting back to the car, the rain started pouring down.  Guess it is time to start on my newest to do – Season 1, Ep 1 Once Upon A Time.


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