Smile #140 – A Time of Love 2

An image of Charmaine Sheh and Kenneth Ma together convinced me to click on the TVB new short film series, A Time of Love 2.  Two Tier 1 actor and actress in Hong Kong joined in a show.  This has to be good!

This episode is a continual from the previous season.  Charmaine plays a superior to Kenneth.  Their relationship is considered slightly unconventional because she is the breadwinner.  Aside from that aspect, things were fine…until Kenneth’s insecurity caught up to him.  Without the spoiling the plot too much, I’d say the rest of the story is beautifully scripted.  🙂

But the best part isn’t the plot or the characters (though both were fantastic!).  For me, the setting has a different meaning.  The episode was filmed in Heidelberg, Germany!  When I saw sights of the beautiful city, it evoked a wave of nostalgia!

Recalled the trip Bean, VI, SP, LB and I took during Erasmus. A quick two hour train ride from Stuttgart, we arrived in Heidelberg, Germany.  With limited preparation (by limited, I mean none…I downloaded a travel app titled Heidelberg and that’s as far as research I have done), we immediately stopped by the tourist information center and learned about the major attractions here.

It was Autumn, Germany was at its most romantic.  Fall foliage was at its bloom.  We boarded the Konigstuhl Funicular and headed up the hills.  As we ascend, the spectacular views of Heidelberg and the Neckar River enveloped us.  We rode the funicular to the entrance of Heidelberg Schloss (to continue fueling my castle addiction, obviously).  🙂  Another castle down!  Towering over the Altstadt, the terrace provides the perfect view into the city.  The sprinkling of rain only added to the city’s romantic ambiance.


After the castle, we strolled through town passing by beautiful red stone buildings.  We crossed the Carl Theodor Alte Brucke.  We touched the Bridge Monkey’s fingers in hopes to return again and we touched his mirror for wealth so we can fulfil the first wish.  (AKA, please give us money to come back!)  We had authentic German food at a local restaurant.  We tried Schneeballen, a dessert pastry that took shape of a snowball and came in so many different flavor.  We even discovered a Christmas store!

2013-10-20 15.23.17.jpg

2013-10-20 15.30.18 - Copy (2).jpg


Heidelberg is absolutely picturesque from every angle. Seeing some of the film location in the episode brought back some of the best memories.  🙂


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