Smile #138 – Nice to Meet You, Colorado Springs, Colorado!

Nice to Meet You, Colorado Springs, Colorado!  

Another day brings another early-ish morning.  Our agenda for today is to drive out to Colorado Springs and explore nature’s playground.

The incredible rock formations at the Garden of the Gods draw attention from travelers from across the world.  What a geological wonder it is!  When we arrived, the fog has began to eat away the clear defined image of the formations.  Instead, it gave the landscape a surreal, magical appearance.

2016-05-16 11.54.23 HDR-1.jpg

‘Wow’ and ‘wow’ were the only words we could utter to describe just how amazing this place is.  It is absolutely incredible to stand in the presence of Mother nature’s artwork!

We cruised slowly along the Jupiter Loop and stopped along the way in hopes to capture some of its majestic beauty.

The most famous, Balanced Rock, loomed over the road.  We approached for a closer view.  We could not fathom how a large red sandstone can withheld with only a narrow base.

2016-05-16 12.04.05-1.jpg

In the distance, we spotted a family of deers relaxing in the meadow!  How remarkable is that?!  I attempted to go around to capture a picture of them, but it seemed they were not interested to be the next trending topic.

2016-05-16 12.05.54-1.jpg

Another top activity in Colorado Springs is the Pikes Peak Cog Railway.  It is the world’s highest cog railroad in the world.  How could we miss this opportunity?! We called reservation desk and booked our tickets.  We were all excited to go until we received a call explaining due to the snow and fog, the train will not reach Pikes Peak; instead, it will stop at 12000 feet above sea level.  We could refund our tickets or ride at a discount price.  Boo!  After a moment to weigh our options, we decided to go anyways.  Why not, it is going to be an adventure regardless!  🙂

2016-05-16 14.06.29 HDR-2.jpg

All aboard the Pikes Peak Cog Railway!  The ride was about 3 hours round trip.  While ascending to Pikes Peak, our tour guide shared some interesting historical facts.  Most railways today are converted from commercial railways.  But Broadmoor’s Railway is the only one built for recreational purpose from the very beginning.   After taking a three-days ride on a donkey to reach the peak, Mr. Zalman Simmons, was at awed by the incredible views.  He wanted to share the view with everyone and to do so, he must provide an easy access for everyone.  Thus, this railway was born!

2016-05-16 15.18.29.jpg

The train winded past waterfalls, through aspen and pine forest.  Along the route, our guide pointed out different climate details.  We definitely noticed the drop in temperature as we traveled through three different biospheres.

The view at the our stop was gorgeous!  However, we were nearly blinded by the sun reflecting off the snow.  *Note to self – bring sunglasses.

2016-05-16 14.31.09.jpg

Although it was a regret not being able to reach the summit, we agreed it was a nice excursion anyways.

2016-05-16 15.25.15-4.jpg

Afterward we wander the streets of historic Manitou Springs.  This cozy mountain town is adorable.  We checked out a skull themed boutique and a few artisan galleries.  There is even a shop called The Leprechaun Shoppe!

What a treasure it has been to witness some of Colorado Springs natural sights and attractions!


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