Smile #135 – Don’t Be So Stingy With Me

I’ll admit, the thought of winning the lottery has crossed my mind a few times. Especially when the jackpot topped at ridiculous sum. I buy a ticket and hope those six digits will make me proud.

Bubble entered a drawing for $10,000. With the off chance we will the total sum, we discussed how we should allocated the extra money. We agreed that a portion should be made towards our wedding fund. But the rest?

I proposed for another vacation; he proposed for savings. I proposed Portugal, South Korea and Peru. He proposed for savings, savings and savings.

We laughed so hard at our completely opposite views.  🙂

His argument is that we are already planning a vacation this year. My argument is extra money comes extra vacation!  Don’t be so stingy on me!

My genius solution is we put the money in the savings account and then withdraw it for a vacation!  Best of both worlds! 🙂

He is speechless…and I am off to dream about another vacation!



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