Smile #133 – Say Yes to this Ring

Italy is ranked as one of the world’s most romantic destinations.   I’d say Bubble was pretty clever to use our Italian vacation to his advantage. (Read Smile 97 for our proposal story!) 🙂

Before the actual proposal, we talked about different ring styles and settings.  I am a fickle girl; making up my mind is my enemy!   Classic?  Vintage?  Three-stones?  Silver?  Gold?  Rose-gold?  Platinum? Why are there so many components to a ring?!

2015-11-01 23.17.35

How do I choose the ‘perfect’ ring?!  I like one part of this ring, but another part from a different ring.  I gave him a collection of rings I liked, specifically detailing which part I actually like and which part I didn’t like.

Somehow from the messy collection I gave him, he figured out what would best suit me. 🙂  #designerintraining!

When he proposed, the ring was still in configuration phase.  He showed me a sample photo of the future ring with separate pictures of the diamond, the band, and the setting.

I joked that he should re-propose once he pick up the actual ring.  🙂  He laughed and refused my offer.  Boo!

As it turned out, Bubble had crafted his own plan.  Sneaky much?!

My sister and I headed to his place to celebrate my birthday and Halloween.  Cheers!  🙂  After I had open all the birthday presents, he instructed for me to sit down.  He handed me a big wooden treasure-y box.  Each box opens up to a smaller box.  A note is attached to each box until the very last one.

First box with a blue sticky –

Five years ago today….I met a wonderful girl at a party.  Ever since then I’ve been counting the reasons I can’t live without her.  

2015-11-01 23.25.14

Second box with a green sticky –

She makes waking up in the morning the sweetest gift.  She never fails to look beautiful.  She makes me want to accomplish amazing things…together.  Everyday with her is filled with laughter and love!  

2015-11-01 23.40.07

Third box with a pink sticky –

So….on October 13th, 2015 I asked this amazing girl if she would spend the rest of her life with me.  You said yes!  

2015-11-01 23.40.50

Final box with a yellow sticky –

Now look at your future husband so we can put a ring on it!

2015-11-01 23.41.11

With the last box, Bubble got up and showed me my ring!  🙂  Making it official!  🙂
2015-11-01 23.41.28

I must say, the actual ring is absolutely gorgeous!  🙂  Surprisingly (once again 🙂 ) Bubble picked up just the most fitting ring.  I guess he knows me better than I do.  🙂

2015-10-31 22.27.49


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