Smile #130 – Fernbrake? First Korean Word

E and I used to be inseparables.  A decade later, we have the most conflicting schedules.  Finding a time to sit down is a rare opportunity.  After some well-in-advanced planning, we finally found an open time slot in our schedule.  🙂

Halfway point between us is roughly Matthews area, we decided to meet up at Super G Mart, a Korean grocery store.  The store is packed with a vast selection of produce, meat, seafood and international food.

E wanted to DIY her usual go-to Korean dish, Yukgaejang – a spicy beef and vegetable soup with rice.  With a long list of ingredients, we ran around the store looking for each item.  Brisket, Korean red pepper powder, vermicelli noodles, sesame oil, hot pepper oil.  One by one, we checked off the list.  Last ingredient, fernbrake, is left.  Um, can someone explain to me what exactly is fernbrake?!

Google explained fernbrake is ‘a bed of fern’.  But what is fern?!  Not helpful, Google!  Google image showed us a packaged fernbrake with Korean writing – 생고사리. All I can decipher is 생, it is made up of a chinese character for man – 人, a letter – H, and a circle. (Korean is easy! … NOT!)  We walked up and down the frozen veggie aisle inspecting every product on the shelf for 人 H O.

人 H O, 人 H O, where are you?!

We have no idea what flavor fernbrake will add to the finished dish.  How important it is to the finish dish?  Perhaps we can bypass this ingredient?!

Just when we were about to give up, I found 人 H O!!  🙂  人 H O is actually located in the produce’s frozen section.  Leigha is here to save the day!  and the dish!

2016-03-30 19.47.06

I will forever remember 人 H O – 생!  🙂  My first Korean word!  🙂



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