Smile #129 – Back to Zumba

I froze my gym membership knowing I would be traveling for almost a month. That’s economical.  Unintentionally I also gave myself an extra month to … reverse jetlag … AKA check off my overdue Netflix to-watch list…

2 months “recovery” period is now over and it is time to head back to the gym!  🙂  I am ready to burn this food baby away!

…so I thought.  First time back to Zumba in two months, I could barely keep up with all the jumps, hops, and squads.  I was out of breath within the first dance.  I gulped down half a bottle of water before the second dance even started.  Phew, i am out of shape!

Nevertheless, I did manage to ignore the little devil’s advice to quit and completed the whole class without missing a single dance!  Yay!  🙂  It was refreshing returning back to the gym..even if the struggle is for real!

Here is hoping for a less-out-of-breath class next week!  🙂



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