Smile #128 – Vietnam at a Glance

Some people avoid presentations like plague while others live for this moments.  I am leaning somewhere in the middle, thanks to monthly presentation practice at Toastmasters.  🙂

The return home assignment from my graduate program is to share two learnings with colleagues at home.  Sky is the limit for this presentation.  I gave it the topic some thoughts and decided the first learnings will be focused on Vietnam.  There are so many things I didn’t know about this vibrant country as well as our company operation!  Why not share these new findings with everyone!

Take a look at the presentation!  🙂

One major component of Toastmasters is the feedback round.  Everyone shares their comments.  So I decided to ask a few colleagues about their thoughts on the presentation and areas I can improve for the next presentation.

Here are some of the comments I got back!  Everyone is so positive!  🙂



Now it’s pressure on for the next presentations…!



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