Smile #121 – Juni B. Jones the Musical

2016-01-09 22.07.21.jpg

Here’s to never really growing up!  For a chance to celebrate our inner child, Sis and I bought front row tickets to Juni B. Jones, the popular children series adapted to a musical.  🙂

2016-03-14 21.15.44.jpg

It is the first day of first grade and Juni B. has plenty to deal with it.  Her best friend, Lucille found new best friends, no one wants to sit with her on the bus, her new teacher is named Mr. Scary and the worst news of all, she has to wear glasses!  That’s not all, she also can’t play in school’s annual kickball tournament.  MAJOR LIFE CRISIS of a 6 year old!  Although first grade was full of ‘lemon’ moments, she learned to make lemonade!

I remembered the awkwardness of first day when you have to find new friends and OMG, how wisely you must be when choosing your seat!  I remembered getting new glasses and feeling nervous putting it on.   Seeing the plays bought back some of details of childhood.  🙂

The cast did a great job portraying each character.  Junie B.’s witty and playful attitude, Lucille’s bratty personality, Herb’s sincere character, Shelley’s social awkward nervousness and Mr Scary turned into Mrs. Gutzman’s charisma.  The musical is filled with catchy tunes!  We left the theater singing along to:

Top secret personal, top secret personal, top secret personal beewax — Juni B. Jones


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