Smile #120 – Realish Housewives of Charlotte

For an evening of Realish Housewives of Charlotte: A Parody, Bubble and I walked into a packed auditorium of excited ladies snapping selfies and awkward men staring at the ceiling.  We fell somewhere in the middle of this spectrum.  We were excited to experience a new type of theater work…but unsure what to expect since neither of us has seen a single episode of Housewives of wherever.  What an interesting evening it turned out!  🙂

Just like a real talk show, the scene opened with host Randy and five housewives, Ravonka, Brooke, C.L., Desiree and Gwen.  Each of these ladies portrayed a different personality and Randy’s goal was to provoke these ladies to create conflicts and share juicy gossips.  Ravonka is obviously the wealthiest one in the pack thanks to her husband’s assets. Her superior attitude immediately offended the group’s newcomer, Brooke.  Brooke dressed in red pantsuit recently moved to Charlotte to be an entrepreneur.  C.L. is the epitome example of a housewife.  Perfect marriage with perfect family, or so she says.  Gwen is on house arrest due to her mayor husband’s scandal.  Desiree is the funniest one to me.  With her mousey voice and froyo addiction, she is mostly an airhead and has no idea what is going on.

2016-03-02 19.22.02.jpg

The show also invited the audience to participate.  A gentleman played C.L.’s cheating husband and a lady played Ravonka’s secret daughter.  These improv moments added to the funniest moments of the night.  🙂

The play drew many references to Charlotte local details, including Billy Graham and Bojangles.  It even took a jab at ex-mayor fraud scheme.  Daring choice!

The mix of drama and playfulness of this show kept us entertained.  The jokes kept us laughing and time flew by so quickly!  It was a good way to erase any mid-week stress. 🙂  Perhaps now I should give one of those Housewives episode a chance and do a bit of comparison.  🙂

2016-03-02 19.26.11


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