Smile #131- Michael Yo!

For a night full of laughters, Bubble and I headed to the Comedy Zone.  Tonight show’s headliner is Michael Yo with opener Nick Guerra.

To be honest, I didn’t know who Michael Yo was … until about a week ago when I stumbled across a Groupon deal.  (I may have a slight addiction to Groupon….particularly the Things To Do section, hehe!)  His bio describes him as “the half black brother with a Korean mother.” Cool!  A Blasian!

Unaware of what to expect, we showed up way in advance and were lead to a table at the very front of the stage.  We weren’t quite sure if this is great we got front row seats or this is bad that we will most likely be incorporated in the acts.  Well, we..I did get called on.  #almostfamous

The comedy club manager opened the night with jokes about dating on Tinder.  Women inspects every picture a guy posted.  If he wears a hat, then he must be bald.  Men, on the other hand, look at pictures and be like ‘I’ll do her’, ‘I’ll do her’ and NO.  LOL!

Next up, Nick Guerra.  With shoulder length ashe brown hair, his opening line about his ‘lesbian’ physique cracked the audience up.  The best joke he told was about the women’s 3 stages of drunkenness.  First stage is bossy.  Second stage is horny and third is sleepy.  Once she hit horny, you may have 2 hours or 20 seconds until sleepy hits.  The room burst into laughter!  Women know it is the truth and men couldn’t agreed more.  With his usage of body language (droopy eyelid and sleepy movement), the audience loved him.  He was definitely a surprise treat to this show!  🙂

Finally the headliner, Michael Yo, appeared on stage.  He first tested the audience by asking the black audience to shout, a loud roar responded.  Then he asked for where his Asians at..AKA me.., a tiny squeal came.  He asked for the Latinos and one proudly represented.  He jokingly skipped over the white folks because ‘they are everywhere’.  LOL!  Interracial comedian playing the diversity card, fair enough.

He spoke of stories about his family and his growing up. He poked fun of Asian stereotypes like how Asians don’t like to say names, but rather describe people’s physical attributes. Like how his mom refer to big boy little feet came over instead of calling him Billy.  Or how she named their family black furred dog, Blackie.  Time for dinner, Blackie!  Hahah!  I laughed so hard I was getting an ab workout!  The stories were so genuine and hilarious, I am a new fan of him for sure!  🙂

Bubble and I had a blast tonight!  I even got to meet Michael Yo later on!  🙂  YO!

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Smile #130 – Fernbrake? First Korean Word

E and I used to be inseparables.  A decade later, we have the most conflicting schedules.  Finding a time to sit down is a rare opportunity.  After some well-in-advanced planning, we finally found an open time slot in our schedule.  🙂

Halfway point between us is roughly Matthews area, we decided to meet up at Super G Mart, a Korean grocery store.  The store is packed with a vast selection of produce, meat, seafood and international food.

E wanted to DIY her usual go-to Korean dish, Yukgaejang – a spicy beef and vegetable soup with rice.  With a long list of ingredients, we ran around the store looking for each item.  Brisket, Korean red pepper powder, vermicelli noodles, sesame oil, hot pepper oil.  One by one, we checked off the list.  Last ingredient, fernbrake, is left.  Um, can someone explain to me what exactly is fernbrake?!

Google explained fernbrake is ‘a bed of fern’.  But what is fern?!  Not helpful, Google!  Google image showed us a packaged fernbrake with Korean writing – 생고사리. All I can decipher is 생, it is made up of a chinese character for man – 人, a letter – H, and a circle. (Korean is easy! … NOT!)  We walked up and down the frozen veggie aisle inspecting every product on the shelf for 人 H O.

人 H O, 人 H O, where are you?!

We have no idea what flavor fernbrake will add to the finished dish.  How important it is to the finish dish?  Perhaps we can bypass this ingredient?!

Just when we were about to give up, I found 人 H O!!  🙂  人 H O is actually located in the produce’s frozen section.  Leigha is here to save the day!  and the dish!

2016-03-30 19.47.06

I will forever remember 人 H O – 생!  🙂  My first Korean word!  🙂


Smile #129 – Back to Zumba

I froze my gym membership knowing I would be traveling for almost a month. That’s economical.  Unintentionally I also gave myself an extra month to … reverse jetlag … AKA check off my overdue Netflix to-watch list…

2 months “recovery” period is now over and it is time to head back to the gym!  🙂  I am ready to burn this food baby away!

…so I thought.  First time back to Zumba in two months, I could barely keep up with all the jumps, hops, and squads.  I was out of breath within the first dance.  I gulped down half a bottle of water before the second dance even started.  Phew, i am out of shape!

Nevertheless, I did manage to ignore the little devil’s advice to quit and completed the whole class without missing a single dance!  Yay!  🙂  It was refreshing returning back to the gym..even if the struggle is for real!

Here is hoping for a less-out-of-breath class next week!  🙂


Smile #128 – Vietnam at a Glance

Some people avoid presentations like plague while others live for this moments.  I am leaning somewhere in the middle, thanks to monthly presentation practice at Toastmasters.  🙂

The return home assignment from my graduate program is to share two learnings with colleagues at home.  Sky is the limit for this presentation.  I gave it the topic some thoughts and decided the first learnings will be focused on Vietnam.  There are so many things I didn’t know about this vibrant country as well as our company operation!  Why not share these new findings with everyone!

Take a look at the presentation!  🙂

One major component of Toastmasters is the feedback round.  Everyone shares their comments.  So I decided to ask a few colleagues about their thoughts on the presentation and areas I can improve for the next presentation.

Here are some of the comments I got back!  Everyone is so positive!  🙂



Now it’s pressure on for the next presentations…!


Smile #127 – A Chocolatey St. Patty

I could spend all day watching those time-lapse recipe videos.  BBQ chicken never seemed so simple!  Even Peking Duck-Inspired Burritos looked manageable!  Dinner party, never fear!

Despite these videos made cooking seem so uncomplicated, I have yet to get my hands dirty.  …until I reached the dessert section.  Desserts always catches my eyes.

To celebrate St. Patrick’s day, a new clip teaching how to make Irish Cream Chocolate Truffles was posted.  40 seconds demonstration was enough to convince me that I can and want to make this.  I got this!  🙂


  • 7 oz semisweet chocolate
  • 1/4 cup unsalted butter
  • 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1/3 cup Baileys Irish Cream
  • Coca powder for coating

2016-03-17 20.12.28.jpg

Target and I are total best friend.  But the baking aisle and I aren’t even qualified to be acquaintances.  I walked up and down searching for chocolate.  Did you know there is a whole section within this aisle dedicated to just chocolate?!

With a full bag of ingredients, I come home readied to start making my latest creation!  In the mid of melting the chocolate, I realized I forgot the most important ingredient of all.  THE BAILEYS!  Got to have some Irish in the treat to celebrate this holiday!  I rushed out the house to find the closest liquor store.  Phew, good thing the ABC store closes at 9pm.

Warning:  The final product is not the most glamorous looking.  But it tastes yummy!  The cocoa powder toned down the rich and chocolate flavor inside making them not too sweet and not overwhelming.  🙂  I’d say my attempt is rather successfully.  🙂

2016-03-18 20.08.43-1.jpg