Smile #115 – Nice to Meet You, Ho Chi Minh City [Pampering Edition]!

Nice to Meet You, Ho Chi Minh City [Pampering Edition]!

The most exciting discovery of the week had to be the little spa next to our hotel, Jolie Spa.  After this mentally challenging and exhausting work week, all of us can agreed a massage is well deserved!  🙂

Aside from being the practice dummy for local community massage therapist students, I have never experienced an authentic massage session.  Go big or go home, why not try it in Vietnam?!  Especially when it only costs a fraction compared to what it does back home.  So RC and I walked over and booked ourselves an appointment.

There are quite a variety of message options.  Do we want body massage with relaxed oil?  with hot stone?  or with herbal?  What is the difference?  After a round of contemplation, we settled for a 60 minutes relaxed oil massage session.  🙂

2016-02-18 22.22.29

Immediately, we learned a couple things about body massages.

  1. Each room is divided into pairs
  2. You are to change into a towel and the spa’s shorts

With that said, you might want to choose carefully whom you invited to join you at the spa.  Nothing like getting to know each other than being half naked!  LOL!

After we changed into our new towels, we laid down on the massage bed.  We had no idea what to expect.  Our massage ladies began wiping us down with a warm towel.  She placed fresh cucumber slices over our faces and began working on our tensed muscles.  Starting with my skull down to my legs.  She utilized different strokes, movement and pressure point application.

Despite I was physically awake, my mind was off wandering elsewhere.  In fact, in the middle of our session, someone called our names, I wanted to acknowledge the person…my brain wanted to say ‘Hey, I am here!’..but I was too relaxed to make a single peep.  Mystery remains who that could have been.

60 minutes flew by.  Every tension is released from my body. My skin felt so smooth and soft.  What a heavenly experience it was!  We wished we found this place earlier.  I could totally get used to this!

For now, I am ready to curl up in my bed and sleep.  🙂



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