Smile #112 – Misadventure at First Step

Traveling is an adventure…and sometimes that includes misadventures.  Before I even stepped foot on the plane to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, misadventure already started.

The security checkpoint procedure has become a normal routine.  Shoes off, jacket off, toiletries in a ziplock bag and laptops/ipads out in a separate tray and off it goes through the conveyor belt.

As usual,  I went to gather my things following the x-ray scan.  Out came my backpack, my neck pillow, my shoes, my purse…but WHERE IS MY JACKET AND MY CELL PHONE?!  It is probably still going through scan, I calmed myself. But when my jacket never came out after I finished tidied everything up…ok, panic time!

The search began after I explained to an officer that my jacket never came out and my cell phone is in the jacket pocket. Is it stuck in the machine?  Was it left outside the machine?  Did someone took it?  Who took it?  Everyone checked everywhere, but no sight of m jacket.  This trip hasn’t properly started and chaos already dominated…

Eventually, an officer called the security desk to review the CCTV footage.  It appeared a man with a green backpack and an orange cap might have taken it.  WHAT?!  This couldn’t play out more like a dramatic movie!  As I stand there nervously, an officer went to down Concourse B and attempted to find the man that fit this description. Finger crossed, please bring back my jacket I silently prayed.  Minutes later, he returned empty handed.  Not a good sign.  2016-03-27 15.58.07-1.jpg

The officer explained that he stopped two male figure that fitted the description but no sighting of the jacket.  Additionally, a plane was took off and that man could have been on that flight.  Unfortunately, airport security is not allowed to disclose information, such as passenger flight data, only a police officer is allowed to.  My option now is to call a police officer and file an official complaint.

While I was waiting for the police officer to arrive, a lady officer shout “who’s grey jacket is it?  I am putting it in Lost and Found.”  I looked and yelled THAT’S MY JACKET!  🙂  I rushed over to check and my cell phone is in the pocket!  🙂   It couldn’t have a crazier turn of event!  I thank all the officers for their help and went my way happily. 🙂





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