Smile #110 – Got to the Point

Like I mentioned in my lifestyle challenges, I want to complete my Competent Communicator manual. To do so, I want to maintain presenting one speech per month.

This is a far fetch goal, especially when I will be away from the office for 3 weeks in February!  Unless I can come up with a speech in 2 weeks’ time, I will be missing my goal.  Well, well, well, the new work assignment couldn’t have come at a more perfect timing!   I have to prepare a speech for my Vietnam module.

A slight diversion from my usual travel addiction series, this speech is titled Hats of a Logistics Specialist.  Rather than boring the audience with detailed duties or responsibilities, I followed Toastmaster’s 3 pts body format and summarized my job into 3 hats I wear.  I wear a crystal ball gazer hat to predict shipments arrive/departure, I wear a detective hat to catch data integrity issue and I wear a diagnostician hat to manage exceptions.  Ultimately, wearing all these hats allowed me to save the day.  When was the last time you saved the day?!


Drafting this speech was different.  I got to reflect about my role and figured how best explain my job to a non-supply chain personnel and not confused them.   Let me tell, it is tough!  But I did it!  The audience didn’t get confused and they even told me logistics sounded like a fun industry!

7 more speeches left!  🙂

Update:  P.S. I gave the same speech during my module!  And everyone really liked it!  I received great feedback from fellow peers and our program coordinators!  Woohoo!  🙂



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