Smile #106 -Keep It Organized

Practice makes perfect.  So bring on Project #2!

Today’s speech is titled -From the Peak.  Let the world know my obsession of seeing the world at a great height.  There is no substitute for views from a romantic European city, endless mountain range and a sprawling tower cityscape.

No, it wasn’t the perfect speech.  I still held on to those clutch words. I was still nervous.  But I managed to give another speech in front fellow Toastmasters!  🙂   I met all the speech objectives with only 2 ‘ums’!

Based on the feedback, everyone seemed to enjoy my speech.  🙂  According to my evaluator, I have a nice ‘stage presence’.  I used the stage more this time.  I appeared more confident.  Overall, I was praised for my speech.  🙂

2016-01-20 13.37.08.jpg

I already signed up for my next speech!!  Let’s see what I come up with this time!


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