Smile #105 – Say Yes to Carolina Bridal Fair

Hoping to see more wedding inspiration, Bubble and I signed up for the bi-annual Carolina Bridal Fair.  As first time attendees, we had no idea what to expect.

2016-01-17 13.10.42-1.jpg
Look at our cute badges!

Venues, jewelers, event planners, entertainers, photographers, videographers, and caterers joined under one roof.  We wandered aisle after aisle.  We stopped at a few tables for tasting, perused photographers’ portfolios and chatted with a few vendors.  This atmosphere reminded me of meeting recruiters at career fairs.

David’s Bridal hosted a bridal runway shows featuring the spring collection. Classic, vintage, open back, ball gown, mermaid, there are so many styles to choose from!  After seeing a few of these dress, I think I have narrowed down a few styles best suit me.  We shall see!  🙂

Side story:  Today is Football Sunday.  Unlike other Sundays, this Sunday is more significant because our very own team, the Panthers are playing and this game determines whether we will continue in the playoff (Update: Panthers 31 – Seahawks 24).  Since there is no cell reception in the venue, a TV was specially set up to broadcast the game.  Cheers echoed the hall with each score update. It was amusing to see some men were happily released of duty to enjoy the game by the TV while other unfortunate men trudged behind the bride to the next booth.  I guess this is the perfect test of love.  If your man didn’t ditch you, it meant he really loves you.  Bubble passed the test!  🙂

After two hours, we collected a bag of brochures and marketing materials.  Proud to announce, we survived our first bridal show!  🙂  And Bubble has been released from his groom duties.

2016-01-17 19.18.15.jpg



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