Smile #100 – Goodbye 2015!

A lot can happen in one year!  2015 was definitely an unforgettable year.  With a few minutes left of 2015, let’s take a retrospective look at all the adventures!

  • Found new favorite food spots, perfect for a foodie like me!
  • Committed to a gym membership
  • Learned history from our country’s first capital
  • Sold my first stock…plus a couple more!
  • Visited two of the new7Wonders of the world – Chichen Itza + Colossium
  • Crossed the first item of my Mark My Footprint list!  Harry Potter World!
  • Learned to be a Witch/Wizard while sipping on Butterbeer, pumpkin juice, and gellywater!
  • Rode a hot air balloon!  …almost
  • Celebrated 1 year working anniversary
  • Chase Rice Concert
  • Rascal Flatts Concert…who knew I would ever go to a country concert?!
  • Trained new employee at work
  • Visited my first Middle East country
  • Witnessed the true definition of rich
  • Been on top the tallest building in the world
  • Experienced the hottest temperature of my life – 118 degrees
  • Wore the tradition wear, burka
  • Visited my first desert and saw the beautiful sunset
  • New iPhone user…I have submitted myself to the dark side!
  • Went on an across Italy trip with Bubble
  • Hiked the most beautiful trail
  • Picked apples at an Orchard
  • Cider tasting
  • Discovered a new recipe
  • Painted like Vin Gogh
  • Donuts binge
  • Visited tigers camouflaged in a residential area
  • Cheered on our Hornets…even though we didn’t win
  • Enjoyed the outdoor a bit more
  • Toured a cave
  • Discovered a favorite beach
  • Committed myself to Toastmaster
  • Gave a speech voluntarily!
  • Presented to senior executives including our regional VP!
  • Lunch with our global CEO and a chitchat with our global COO
  • Dinner with clients
  • Met colleagues globally
  • Spoiled myself with the biggest travel budget
  • Splurged on my first name-branded jacket
  • Reached the last year of my pre-adult years (25 is the new official adult year)
  • New relationship status:  Engaged
  • Officially reached 5 years in our relationship
  • Cooked with a professional chef!
  • Greatest commitment to self:  100 Smiles 🙂

I’d say I earned quite a few stripes for my professional and personal records!  🙂

Cheers, darling! Bring on the new adventures!

2015-12-31 23.10.24.jpg


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