Smile #101 – 2015 Report Card

Before I start jogging down more resolutions, now it is a good time to reflect on my progress of my 2015 resolutions.

Resolutions 2015:

 1.  Read – 50 books challenge 
Not quite.  Total books read: 26.  Although I didn’t meet the goal, this challenge did motivate me to read more.  The awful traffic hour in Charlotte also helped.  Repeated radio playlist or an exciting story.  I’ll take the latter.  🙂

2.  Exercise – do challenges/gym 2x a week.  
I did enroll in a gym membership.  But like I mentioned in Smile #47, my commitment with the gym seems to cycle up and down.  Some weeks, going to the gym energizes me…other days, gym is a synonym for plague.

3.  Travel 
YES!  My bank account can validated the dent traveling has made.  But every cents spent for new experiences is worth it in my opinion.  Check out Nice to Meet You page for all my travel spots.  🙂

4.  Connect with friends and family
DONE!  I managed to keep up with most friends and family!  Skype sessions, dinner dates, movie nights and even a meet up in Dubai!  🙂

5.  Invest 
About that…the year started off successfully, I stayed within budget…for about two months.  Then  I gradually moved towards to the deficit side.  Oops.

6.  Learn
This was quite an ambitious goal.  For 6 months, I managed to take at least one course weekly.  I learned a variety of topics, from investments and personal finances to sustainability and greening the economy.  Then my laziness and the world of internet invited me to the dark side…

7.  Write
Totally!  Well, I didn’t keep up with the bi-weekly schedule, but happiness is tough to calculate.  I am so proud to say that I reached 100 smiles within this year!  That’s 100 posts!  🙂

8.  Try out new recipes monthly
Regret to say…this was a failed.  Bubble and I only managed to try out one or two recipes…

9.  Network
DONE!  I managed to push myself out of the door (literally) to networking events at least 2x a month!  I even joined Toastmasters and began working on my public speaking skills.

10.  Practice a new language
Another failed mission unfortunately.  I admit I totally should have tried harder on this one.

In conclusion, I say I did relatively decent on my goals.  While I didn’t complete everything I wanted to, I am pleased with the progress I made.

Bruce Lee said it perfectly:



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