Smile #97 – Broke the Ice!

Since Smile #83, I had taken on a few roles from the Leadership Competent workbook.  That’s great and all, but the clock is ticking for my Competent Communicator.

Ahh, pressure is on!  Let’s get on to the first speech!


Every idea/story can be a speech!  Thanks to my Toastmasters mentor, I was able to narrow down my speech topic.

The first speech project is the Icebreaker.  The objectives are to begin speaking before an audience, to discover speaking skills you already have and skills that need attention and most importantly, to introduce myself.

My nerves were raving until I headed up to the front of the room and began delivering my speech.

Here is my speech – My Travel Addiction


Even though I had practice enough times that I memorized every word, the final speech still varied from the original.  I guess there are no perfect speech like Dale Carnegie once said “there are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.”  He couldn’t have said it any better!

The exciting part comes at evaluation.  I got nice notes from several members.  My speech evaluator gave me great encouragement and new pointers to focus on.  Focus points for me are speech rate and body movements.  Speaking faster has always been an issue, especially when I am nervous.  But I was surprised to learn that I rock back and forth when I am speaking.  I had no idea!  Hmm!

2015-12-16 16.49.06.jpg

Just like that, I broke the ice!  I gave my first speech!  🙂

2015-12-16 16.50.46.jpg


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