Smile #96 – Happy 5 Year!

On this day five years ago, I said yes to being your girlfriend.  Since then, I have also said yes to plenty of new adventures and laughter with you.  🙂

2015-12-16 11.06.03.jpg

We celebrated the day with dinner at Kindred, a restaurant recently named  as top restaurants in the prestigious Bon Appetit magazine.  I have been drooling over the thought of this visit!  🙂

Through the teal doors, Bubble and I headed inside to a very busy lounge.  Our host led us upstairs to a table next to the window that overlooked the romantic outdoor seating.  Strings of lights offered a classic and whimsical atmosphere.

The contemporary dishes composed of unique locally sourced ingredients.  Thanks to the tapas styles menu, it allowed us to order a few dishes to try.  🙂

2015-12-18 19.42.49.jpg

Starting with the milk bread.  A pan of warm and fluffy bread gifted to every table. We now understood the big rave about the bread.  Bubble and I scrape off every possible bite.  🙂

2015-12-18 19.31.48.jpg

We chose Duck Fat Potatoes and Beef Tartare for appetizers.  Duck Fat
Potatoes were large fries served with aioli.  The combination is perfect!  Beef Tartare is a meat dish made from chopped raw beef served with crispy toast pieces.  We both never had raw meat before, it was definitely a new experience!  It didn’t taste bloody or raw at all; instead, it was seasoned with lime and tasted delicious!

2015-12-18 20.02.20.jpg
For main course, we shared Gnocchi and Bucatini.  Did you think I could say no to gnocchi?!  This gnocchi here is served with blue crab, citrus, creme fraiche and chive.  The bucatini is served with calico bay scallop, white miso butter, black truffle, and egg yolk.  Both were amazing!!  The homemade pasta definitely reminded me of Italian pasta.  🙂

2015-12-18 20.16.24.jpg

2015-12-18 20.16.11.jpg

To accompanied our meal, we also order drinks.  Bubble tried a beer with Anderson Valley Brewing Company.  It has a very distinctive taste.  I chose to go with Barkeep’s choice.   Whoever the bartender was, thank you!  The drink was awesome!  🙂  This might just be my signature drink!

2015-12-18 19.47.23.jpg

Cheers to more happy years!  🙂


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