Smile #93 – Midst of Baking Mood

I seemed to be in the midst of a baking mood.  Another weekend, another baking mission.  🙂

My friend, Ve, invited me to a her mom’s annual candy making party.  The party was so official with a poster-sized checklist of different types of chocolates.   Turtles, mints, pretzel sticks, chocolate covered marshmallows.  How sweet!

Ve and I were assigned the duty to detail chocolate molds.  An assortment of color melts heated in a skillet.  With a toothpick, we spread a layer of coating in the indented area. Painting chocolate is so much more different than any other painting I’ve done before.  Art is not my strong suit, it took all the artistic skills in me not to mess up!

The time it took me to complete one set of candy mold, Ve finished three.  Amateur vs professional.


After the coloring, the mold were filled with milk chocolate and popped in the refrigerator to freeze.  Ahh!  The candy came out so vibrant!  🙂  And it tasted so good!  🙂


Thank you ladies for letting me join you for a sweet afternoon!  First time candy making, check!  🙂


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