Smile #91 – Midnight Cravings

Because Christmas and baking go together (maybe just me?), I got a sudden urge to bake cookies.  Baking and I don’t even belong in the same sentence!

I wanted to make mini gingerbread man cookies…except I don’t like gingerbread.  So I scouted the internet for a butter cookies recipe instead.  Turns out the ingredients list is quite simple.  And Mom already had most of the items at the house.  🙂

Bubble and I turned Mom’s kitchen upside down.  Oops!  Where is the flour?  How much sugar?  How long does it take?

We made circles around the kitchen looking for each ingredient.

Here is the recipe we used:


Given it is already 11pm, we just wanted to speed up the process.  We threw everything into the mixing bowl and started stirring.  Amateur chefs, I know.  🙂

The waiting period between putting the cookies in to when the cookies are ready for decorating was a test of patience.  I really wanted to decorate!  We even bought one of those icing decoration bags!

Bubble and I had the greatest time decorating our cookies.  We decorated some traditionally and some .. rather contemporary.

2015-12-06 01.37.02.jpg

2015-12-06 01.37.29.jpg

Here is the final product of our cookies. 🙂  Can you guess which ones were decorated by your truly and which ones are Bubble’s creation?

2015-12-06 02.12.23.jpg



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