Smile #89 – Domesticated?

JB and sis invited me to their baking party.  So why not?!  Girls night in…or so I thought.  Instead, It was a trap to domesticate me!  I was put to work like a little elf!  jk 🙂

A few photos to proof I did help! 🙂

2015-11-27 20.31.57.jpg

2015-11-27 20.34.25.jpg

2015-11-27 20.34.31.jpg

Here is the recipe we used.  Who knew there are so many steps to an apple pie!  From cutting the apples to massaging the apple slices with all filling ingredients to finally neatly assembling the pie, the whole process took a good 30 minutes!

It was worth all the hard work when the room is filled with a delicious apple scent.  🙂  Consuming apple pies at 11pm might be a bit sinful, but who can abstain from that?!  A slice of the warm and soft taste of apple with crispy crust is just irresistible.  AHHH!

2015-11-27 21.44.15.jpg

Even though my baking skills were put to work involuntarily, I did have fun with the girls. 🙂  It reminded me of old times when JB would make me help her in the kitchen. Well, I put that chopping potatoes skills to work tonight.  One step closer to adulthood, right?!  🙂


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