Smile #88 – Almost #100

More than half of the US population shopped over Thanksgiving/Black Friday.  Steep discounts and door busters attracted shoppers to patiently (or not..) wait in line for store opening.  Despite store efforts to calm the crowd, plenty of horrific and hilarious stories emerged in the news the next day.  Just read some of them here.
The intense and rushed atmosphere deeply contrasts from the relax slow-paced Southern culture.  Shoppers are prepared with coupons and ready to claim their prize.
Even though I took advantage of this once-in-a-year late night shopping madness each year, nothing had induced me enough to actually stand in line.  For the first time, I actually stood in line! 🙂
Mom, Sis and I took a quick drive around the neighborhood to check out the craze.  With 30 minutes until door opens at Target, lines wrapped around the building.  Guess those $257 TV really drew in a crowd.
We went to Kohl’s next.  It was no surprise to find a line also formed outside.  With just 20 mins until door opens, sis wanted to wait in the car.  Mom sweet talked her and sis reluctantly got out to join the line.  After I parked, I also joined them in line.  As it turns out, they were winners of Kohl’s first 100 customers giveaway.  They are #98 and #99 in line.  Winners were offered a movie ticket voucher. She better be thanking me for kicking her out of the car!  🙂

2015-11-26 17.47.12.jpg


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